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Game Thread #62: A's at Cincinnati (2)

A's enter the 7th inning leading the Reds 4-1.

Life in the A's bats showed itself in the top of the second in a way that we have not seen in awhile.  Leading off was Billy Butler who tucked a nice little grounder up the right side between first and second for a base hit.  Semien then followed with a two-run homer (#12 on the season) to put the A's on the board. Phegley followed by making his own jaunt to first on a base hit.   But wait, Smolinski (maybe it's names that begin with S's today) takes it deep to centerfield to mirror Semien's two run homer.  Smolinski's second of the year. 4-0 Athletics.  First crooked number since Tuesday in the second inning.  Nice, boys!