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Game #49: How Not to Spend a Friday Night

The A's rack up yet another uninspired loss as their offense simply refused to show up for tonight's game; the final score 4-1 and really, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel to find something new to say about this game. However, we can learn a new baseball rule tonight! Let's do that.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

So, um. At least it was a fast game? Losing 7 of 8 will do that to you.

There was an amazing catch by Billy Burns to open the game. It all started so promisingly.

Before the ninth inning and its garbage run, A's had exactly one chance in this game; a pinch-hit at-bat by Billy Butler in the eighth inning as the tying run with runners at second and third; the only time in the entire game in which the A's had multiple runners on base at the same time. The A's offense had five hits and one walk tonight, lost 4-1, and and the Tigers even had to give a run back!

Let's talk about that. It was nigh the top of the fifth inning, and the Tigers had runners on first and third with one out. Victor Martinez popped out to Yonder Alonso. Yonder caught the ball for the second out and threw home to dissuade the bluffing runner at third. At first glance it looked like Stephen Vogt didn't block the ball; it rolled away and the runner scored, but the home plate umpire, Joe West, called the runner out immediately. While we were racking our brains for a possible explanation, upon further replay, the ball hit Martinez, who was out on the initial play and got in the way of the throw home. Here's the rule:

Rule 6.01B(7.11)
If a member of the team at bat (other than a runner) hinders a fielders attempt to field a thrown ball, the ball is dead, the rummer on whom the play is being made shall be declared out and all runners return to the last legally occupied base at the time of interference.

So there we have it. Something we probably haven't seen before. And also the highlight of the game.

Sean Manaea wasn't bad; nine hits, two walks and three runs in his six innings, but the A's didn't help him one bit. Aside from Billy Butler's pinch-hit strikeout with two on, and Jed Lowrie's RBI triple in the ninth, the A's offense was as quiet as the stadium recently.

Sigh. We do it all again tomorrow at 1:05PM.

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