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Introducing Athletics Nation's new 2016 Game Threaders!

The 2016 season is underway, and any day now the Oakland A's should notch their first win. Aaaaany day now. However, win or lose, Athletics Nation will always be here to tell you everything you could ever want to know about each game.

This spring, we held our fourth annual Game Thread auditions, and we've picked a few standouts from that group to help us do Game Threads & Recaps this season. As always there were lots of great entries and some of them got a truckload of Recs from the community, though the number of Recs alone is not the only determining factor. We've picked four new Threaders for now. Thanks to everyone who participated, even if only by reading and commenting and Rec'ing, and I look forward to doing all this again next spring!

Without further ado, please welcome: CaseyWitt_, CryoBioBoy, 510SportsTake, and TuffsBuffs!

CaseyWitt_ (Casey)

My name is Casey Witt and I am a 22-year-old college graduate from Oakley, California. I've been an A's fan and obsessed with sports writing since 2002, thanks in part to the journalistic stylings of the East Bay Times (formerly known as the Contra Costa Times). I have been extremely fortunate to attend numerous A's games -- due to the fact my family had season tickets from 2003-2007, and again in 2014. When I'm not writing, talking, or thinking about baseball, I like to cook, travel, and share my cleverly-written tweets, gifs, and memes on Twitter!

Casey will be hosting our Monday threads.

CryoBioBoy (Jeremy)

My name is Jeremy Johnson. I'm 25 years old and while I've been living in the East Bay for almost 7 years now, I'm originally from San Diego. I enjoyed baseball growing up, but shockingly, the Padres were a difficult team to form a real connection to. I came up to the Bay Area for college and have been following the A's obsessively since the beginning of 2012. My non-baseball-related interests include hanging out with my cats Taco and Tater, playing video games, and hunting for quality Mexican food to tide me over between trips to Southern California. I'm going to go to as many games as possible this season (first one is on Sean Doolittle Metallica gnome day), so hit me up if it looks like we're going to the same game! I'm usually in the bleachers.

Jeremy will be hosting our Wednesday threads.

510SportsTake (Kemp)

My name is Kemp Moyer and I am a lifetime A's fan. I played baseball as a young child through high school (primarily as a catcher, but I was versatile) at Alameda High where I also played and coached football, including 5 years as Alameda High Head Football Coach. I stepped down from the coaching role this offseason to dedicate more time to my young family. I work in business valuation and do a lot of report writing. I love watching sports with an analytical eye and love sports talk, sports analysis and the strategy of the game, including in-game, in-season and long term. I am an armchair scout. I hope to have some good conversation with you all about A's baseball and hopefully celebrate a World Series with you all. Go A's!

Kemp will be hosting our Thursday threads.

TuffsBuffs (Dani)

I'm Dani Gillman, currently hiding out in Isla Vista, California after spending many previous years in San Bernardino. I like essentially all dogs more than I like any individual person, and spend an inordinate amount of time sitting on the beach watching my dogs, and any others, running up and down the sands. I sacrificed most of my childhood playing video games and not going outside, but in between all that my dad would take me to Dodger games and sparked my initial interest in baseball (Thusly, I was a Dodger fan for quite a while but I switched allegiances in 2001 when I discovered the A's and adopted them as my new favorite team because I liked their color scheme). To put it simply, my interest in the A's has grown quite substantially since then to the point of being a near-unhealthy obsession. I hope that I can adequately share my obsession with you people this season.

Dani will be hosting our Saturday threads.

In addition, familiar names praunlinde (Peggy), Duncan Morrow and Tim Eckert-Fong will be doing regular gamedays as well. And of course, the one and only baseballgirl will be doing what she does best: getting you pumped up on Fridays.

Say hello to your 2016 Game Thread crew!