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SB Nation is partnering with FanDuel again in 2016

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For the third year in a row, SB Nation has an exclusive partnership with the daily fantasy sports site FanDuel. This is an exclusive deal, and FanDuel is our only fantasy partner.

If you're not into fantasy sports, that's okay. But we spend all day fantasizing about sports anyway, so why not try our own hands at it now and then? For me, the biggest turnoff for fantasy baseball is the full-season commitment, but FanDuel's game only lasts one day at a time and you can step away for as long as you like. Play once per season, once per month, once every 18 days, every single day, or as often as you like. Here are the rules -- essentially, you construct a lineup for the day while staying under a salary cap, and then your lineup competes against everyone else's to see whose players put up the best numbers that day.

Note that, while FanDuel does offer free games, most of the contests involve making a small wager. For example, the game I entered today had a $2 buy-in, but the top prize is $2,000 and everyone who finishes in the top 10% or so can expect some kind of payout. So, it costs to play, but you can win real money. Unless you live in one of the states that doesn't allow this sort of monetary gamble, of course; check those rules linked above to see if you're in one of the boring states.

To be clear, this partnership between SB Nation and FanDuel involves them giving us money. This is a paid advertisement. Athletics Nation is getting a little bit of money and so is every other team site, and each of the last two years they gave me an account with $50 to play with -- that account is now up to $188 entering today because it turns out I'm actually decent at this game. Anyway, because we don't charge our users for any of our services, SB Nation is financed largely by ads, and so if we have to bring you something then I'm glad it's a legitimately fun, baseball-related product. If you're even remotely interested in fantasy sports, this is worth checking out. Just please be wise with your money, and if you struggle to control yourself when it comes to spending on games of skill and/or gambling then this might not be a good idea for you.

Good luck and have fun! Click here to play FanDuel.