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2016 Oakland A's prediction thread!

Opening Day is around the corner and it's time to immortalize our dumb predictions!

Things always go according to plan.
Things always go according to plan.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason is a long, barren wasteland full of over-analysis, computers making projections, humans scoffing at said projections, and lots of waiting. After a dark winter, the sun has emerged and it's time for the season to start!

Here's your chance to immortalize your crazy, bold, strange, and sometimes correct predictions for the season.

Make this your own!

You can make any prediction you'd like! I'm not including a set format as I want everyone to predict whatever comes to his or her mind. Want to predict the A's will open the top deck after a string of 50 sellouts forces their hand? Do it. Want to predict Carson Blair's September call-up increases attendance by 5,000 individuals with binoculars per game? Sure!

Your predictions can be all A's related or have nothing to do with the team. Want to predict the Angels lose 120 games? Go for it!

Here are some suggestions for obvious things to predict:

The AL West Standings:

-What order will the teams in the division finish? What will their records be?

League wide standings:

-Who will win each division? Who will be the Wild Card Winners?


-Who will be the Wild Card game winners?

-Divisional winners?

-League championship winners?

-World Series winner? How many games?

Oakland A's specific questions:

-Who will be the position player MVP? Pitching MVP?

-Who will be the best surprise?

-Who will be the biggest letdown?


Again, this is all you. The items above seem like obvious things to predict but there are so many other predictions to be made. The only rule is be nice, there are no dumb or wrong predictions. Yet. In six months, I'll revisit this and likely laugh at how wrong we all were.