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Spring Game Thread #7: A's vs. Rangers

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports


The big stories so far this Spring have been centered around the prospects. That's certainly good news for a marginally-maybe-potentially-semi-rebuilding team like the A's might be.

Franklin Barreto has been a revelation, crushing two home runs in two games (he said today that he "wants to hit like Miguel Cabrera, only better", which, okay). Matt Chapman has been playing stellar defense and hitting for power. Sean Manaea is good too. They're all good!

Although Eric Surkamp is starting, the most notable pitcher scheduled to go today is Dillon Overton, so the A's have an opportunity to add to the list. Keep an ear out for his velocity - that's always been the story and the issue with Overton's potential. If he's throwing 92 consistently, it might be alright to expect a breakout year from the kid. Liam Hendriks and Ryan Doolittle are also scheduled to get into the game at some point.

On the position player end of things, it looks like the A-team is mostly playing together today. Matt Chapman is starting at 3B and hitting eighth.

Here are the complete lineups:

You can listen to the game on