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Buy your A's Oldies T-shirt today!

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The Oakland A's always look good, and now we fans can too. Designed by our own fatrolf and produced by the fine people at BreakingT, the A's Oldies shirt reminisces about some of the great hairstyles from days gone by in Oakland. From Rollie's handlebars to Jose's mullet to Huddy's stinger, our boys are never boring.

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If you're wondering about the absence of more recent greats such as Coco's fro and Doo's beard, fear not. We're working on a follow-up featuring players from the current squad, but first we need to, umm ... know who makes the current squad and what they actually look like. Is that a mohawk atop Khris Davis? Please say yes.

The shirt is available on the BreakingT website, and you can click here to order. Full disclosure, we get a little cut of the action.