Spring Game #24: Defeated by the Beast

"I'll take care of the backup catcher role from her on out boyz." - Christian Petersen/Getty Images

That was our 2016 Cesar Chavez game

OK. We lost 11 to 3 to the hated Slegna. Go look at the box score to know specifics. I've tried to capture some talking points below. Poor Winona did not secure her posthumous glee with the defeat for which we all hoped. This is Spring Training. You can bet I'll be listening to games by the chicken enclosure many times this year; she will certainly be pleased at some points. RIP. My drunken observations:

Manaea looked shaky

That didn't go as well as I'd like. Manaea got roughed up pretty badly (4 IP, 7 H, 4 ER, 2 BB, 2.25 WHIP). He gave up a long homer to Fishodor and he committed a throwing error that cost two runs. Apparently, that was his third error of Spring Training. He made four pickoff attempts. One was held too long by Alonso (or something weird happened) and resulted in the runner advancing to second. Hot take: he's not ready. Put him back in the oven

Lowrie raked Weaver

Good old Jed.


not political

Jed hit two doubles. One was tainted by idiot fan interference, but they were both legit. He finished 2 for 3 with an RBI. He looks like he's ready for business.

Maxwell killed it out there today

Bruce stepped up, again. Before this Spring Training I admit he has not been on my radar. He is now. Homeboy hit a solid jack off of Weaver. He also threw out 3 of 4 SB attempts on his watch. Some have criticized his pitch calling. How do we know the pitchers weren't the culprits for the hard hits? They are the usual scapegoats. When will he be up this year? September callup for depth? Discuss below.

Coco mostly sucks hard, but he hit a home run

Coco's arm is dead. Coco's neck is bionic, and not in the good way. Coco has very little to add to this team. That is so sad. I hate to say such things. They are true.

video of Coco sucking

He did hit a homer, however, so there's that. Discuss below.

Other items of interest

  • Kittenface killed us today. Why didn't he swing the bat like that last year?
  • Did something happen to Weaver's hand? I saw him holding it and talking to Sciosia (sp*?) in the bottom of the 6th.
  • Madson looked great against Trout. The first two pitches were sizzling (PitchFX?). Trout looked a little intimidated. Ended up grounding out. Looked like he was gonna K.
  • Infield was not sharp. Semien committed an error and misfielded several balls. Two terrible throws happened as well, in my opinion. Lowrie looked like Lowrie. Alonso missed a hard hit grounder in the 2nd I think he usually gets.
  • We have a player named Melvin Mercedes
  • Slegna has tarnished my afternoon. More alcohol needed for survival. Must go...