Spring Game #15 - O'Mariners vs McAthletics

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports



  • It's St. Patrick's day! Enjoy responsibly as we celebrate Irish Green and the Green and Gold in the same evening. Shoutout to all my part-Irish brethren out there.

  • Kendall Graveman makes the start for the A's as he struggles to battle for the 5th rotation spot and make the Opening Day roster. Graveman has had an unspectacular yet limited Spring so far - 4 ER, 3BB in 5 innings. However, he's no Rich Hill, whose "guaranteed rotation spot" grows more tenuous per appearance. In any case, don't be surprised if the A's make a small trade/waiver claim/free agent signing to pick up another potential 5th starter option, a la Lohse or Lincecum. Graveman will likely begin the year in AAA to work on his control (and show why he was a vital part of a major trade) and earn his way back, maybe. He could also get leapfrogged by Overton or Manaea during this time. As of now, Graveman reminds me all too much of Dan Straily - but hey, prove me wrong!

  • James Paxton makes the start for the M's. He is battling injury and effectiveness questions in his Quest for Fifth Starter, but the young lefty has proved trouble before for the Athletics. With a lineup that likely looks close to the real deal (interestingly with Alonso 1B vs LHP), Spring Training is starting to wind down as the real guys get more time. Hooray?

  • Coco Crisp bats leadoff for the Athletics and plays CF as it looks like Billy Burns has an off-day. As with every Coco appearance, keep an eye on how well he is able to move in the field and on the basepaths. As a 'fast' type of guy, if he loses mobility from his injury, that's real bad.

  • Boog Powell bats leadoff for the Mariners! Originally an A's prospect, until we traded Powell as part of the Zobrist deal with Tampa. He's found his way to Seattle, and is contending for a 4th OF spot. Apparently he's fast. I don't know much else, but it's cool to see him continue to work his way up, if only to confuse older announcers who will continuously reference the hefty Boog of the Orioles.
  • A's prospects continue to look really, really good in the field and at the plate, even versus major league opposition. Matt Chapman is doing his best to leapfrog a couple of levels, Matt Olson has some real pop and a good 1B glove, and Chad Pinder's made some nice plays. Basically, there's reason to keep watching once the replacements occur for the first year in some time. (and holy crap Matt Chapman looks awesome)