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Oakland A's 2016 Community Prospect List: The Final Top 30 List!

Franklin Barreto is the top prospect on 6 out of 8 lists, but ours is one of the outliers.
Franklin Barreto is the top prospect on 6 out of 8 lists, but ours is one of the outliers.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last two months, the Athletics Nation community has worked together to construct a top prospect list for the team via crowdsource votes. We voted on each spot individually, and we now have a complete list of the Top 30 Oakland A's prospects entering the 2016 season. Here it is! (Click here to learn more about each player.)

Oakland A's 2016 Community Prospect List
# Name Pos Age Level Acquired
1 Sean Manaea LHP 24 AAA Trade (Zobrist)
2 Franklin Barreto SS 20 AA Trade (Donaldson)
3 Matt Olson 1B/OF 22 AAA Draft (1R, 2012)
4 Matt Chapman 3B 23 AA Draft (1R, 2014)
5 Chad Pinder SS 24 AAA Draft (2R, 2013)
6 Renato Nunez 3B/1B 22 AAA International
7 Yairo Munoz SS 21 AA/A+ International
8 Richie Martin SS 21 A+/A Draft (1R, 2015)
9 Casey Meisner RHP 21 AA Trade (Clippard)
10 Dillon Overton LHP 24 AA Draft (2R, 2013)
11 Rangel Ravelo 1B 24 AAA Trade (Shark)
12 Joey Wendle 2B 26 AAA Trade (Moss)
13 Dakota Chalmers RHP 19 A- Draft (3R, 2015)
14 Raul Alcantara RHP 23 AA Trade (Bailey)
15 Daniel Mengden RHP 23 AA Trade (Kazmir)
16 Mikey White SS/2B 22 A+ Draft (2R, 2015)
17 Ryan Dull RHP 26 AAA/MLB Draft (32R, 2012)
18 Skye Bolt OF 22 A+ Draft (4R, 2015)
19 Zack Erwin LHP 22 A+ Trade (Lawrie)
20 Ryon Healy 3B/1B 24 AAA/AA Draft (3R, 2013)
21 Jaycob Brugman OF 24 AAA Draft (17R, 2013)
22 J.B. Wendelken RHP 23 AAA Trade (Lawrie)
23 Dylan Covey RHP 24 AA Draft (4R, 2013)
24 Sandber Pimentel 1B 21 A+ International
25 Heath Fillmyer RHP 22 A/A+ Draft (5R, 2014)
26 Dustin Driver RHP 21 A Draft (7R, 2013)
27 Daniel Gossett RHP 23 A+ Draft (2R, 2014)
28 Bruce Maxwell C 25 AAA/AA Draft (2R, 2012)
29 Bobby Wahl RHP 24 AAA Draft (5R, 2013)
30 Tyler Ladendorf Util 28 AAA/MLB Trade (Cabrera)

(The "Level" column features my own guesses at where each player will open 2016. The "Age" column refers to the age at which the player will play in 2016, even if he hasn't quite had his birthday yet.)

Where do they come from? Of the 30 names, 17 were drafted by Oakland (three in 2012, seven in 2013, three in 2014, four in 2015), three more were international signings, and the other 10 came from nine different trades (the Lawrie-to-ChW deal is the only one that represents two players on the current list). The nine trades include three of the four big blockbusters from the 2014-15 offseason (Donaldson, Moss, Shark), the three 2015 deadline deals (Zobrist, Kazmir, Clippard), the Lawrie trade, the pre-2012 Andrew Bailey trade (to the Red Sox), and the 2009 Orlando Cabrera trade (to the Twins).

Here are AN's rankings compared with some other prominent lists (click for full-sized image).

AN CPL 2016

(Links to the original lists: MLB.comOakland ClubhouseJohn SickelsBaseball AmericaBaseball ProspectusAthletics FarmKeith Law)

One interesting thing this year is that there is almost a complete consensus on the Top 10 portion of the list. The orders differ, but the same 10 names show up in all eight Top 10 lists, with only two exceptions: BP hasn't updated its list since Jacob Nottingham was traded away, so it only goes through the Top 9 (Dillon Overton is absent); and John Sickels picked Daniel Mengden at No. 10 (Overton dropped to No. 12). Not every team has such a clear-cut top group, and this situation gives me the chance to easily average out the rankings. Here's the average Top 10 (for Overton, I called him 10th on BP's list but used his value of 12th from JS):

1. Barreto, 1.25
2. Manaea, 1.88
3. Olson, 3.38
4. Chapman, 4.38
5. Nunez, 5.88
6. Martin, 6.25
6. Pinder, 6.25
8. Munoz, 7.75
9. Meisner, 8.75
10. Overton, 9.5

(Note: Martin got the tiebreaker over Pinder since he has the highest individual ranks, having placed No. 4 on two lists while Pinder reached no higher than No. 5 on any list.)

The next step is to wait and see how these guys do in 2016!