Spring Training Post Game #11: Bad Stuff Happens, A's Lose 14-5

It was a dark day indeed for Daniel Coulombe. - Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

Well, that didn't feel good. The A's were all over the place. From defensive miscues, to our pitchers unable to find the strike zone, we had it all.

I'll get the ugly and bad parts out of the way first.


  • All of the fourth inning. We managed to give up six runs with one hit. Who was pitching, you ask? Daniel Coulombe. His play by play?

    HBP, BB, BB, FC, WP (Run Scored), BB

    I found his OKCupid profile during the game. He said he likes to 'hit' on people, while going on at least three long walks, in order to extend his outing for as long as he can.

  • Our defense. Five errors. Smolonski and Billy Burns didn't communicate well on a fly ball to center, in which Burns let drop. Two errors were throws to the first baseman; the ball was dropped by Graveman covering and Ravelo was pulled off the bag for the other. One was the entire infield running towards the mound on a pop up... aaaand letting it drop. Let's move on.


  • Graveman didn't look like he had it today. He was getting behind in his counts, giving up 28 balls to 29 strikeouts, earning three runs, two walks, while striking out three. Silver lining? He did induce five ground ball outs, and all of them did look like weak contact. I'm no scout, but it could allude to him working on his grips (being early in the spring), and missing the zone frequently, however inducing solid grounders when he got them.

    It's a stretch, but it makes logical sense in my head.


  • Home runs by Stephen Vogt and Chad Pinter. Vogt had a quick swing to make Klein pay on a dead center fastball in the first, and Pinter showed great extension off of Johnson in the eight, to drill his into center field.

  • Coghlan had a beautiful defensive play in the fourth, going full extension on a Choo liner to his left side, saving Coulombe another run on his box score.

  • Billy's speed. He had fun stealing two bags today.

  • The eight inning. We made three runs, while only giving up one? Three steps forward, and one back. Not bad.

Alas, it's only one loss, and it's only spring training. It's March, the weather keeps getting warmer, and we all have baseball back.

Life is good.