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Oakland A's injury: Jarrod Parker has re-fractured medial epicondyle in right elbow

I hate this, this is so unfair.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Oakland Athletics say that Jarrod Parker has re-fractured the medial epicondyle in his right elbow. Yesterday, Parker was forced to cut short his first session facing hitters after he yelled out in pain. While it was hoped that the problem was merely a lateral elbow impingement after he was able to still demonstrate range of motion, an MRI revealed the fracture. A's staff are evaluating Parker's next move.

It's a heartbreaking setback for Parker, who initially suffered the fracture during a May 8 start in the minor leagues while rehabilitating from his second Tommy John surgery. Our resident medical expert (who has not treated Parker) describe the injury then as one of the possible, though uncommon, complications of Tommy John surgery, "That little knob of bone where the ligament attaches fractures: the bone breaks from stress of the tendon while the UCL stays intact."

A's general manager David Forst stepped into the press box during Oakland's game in Goodyear, Arizona to comment:

It will be up to Parker to decide what to do next, and it will be another long way back for him. I'll be rooting for him if he continues to try to come back to major league action, and applauding him for everything he's done if he elects not to.

It just sucks, it's so unfair.