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Oakland A's 2016 Player Profile: Khris Davis

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The Oakland A's have been looking for not only added talent, but also an infectious clubhouse presence. They may have found both in the young Khris Davis (or "Khrush" if you'd like, which you should), a California native who has a personal pact to never stop proving why he's in the Big Leagues.

The 5'10, 194-pound left fielder was snagged from the Brewers in a trade on February 12th after his third season in the majors. He came up from Triple-A Nashville (then a Brewers affiliate) in 2012, but was sent back due to poor performance. When Ryan Braun was suspended a few months later, a slot opened back up for Davis, who jumped at the chance to do what he does best: Prove why he should stay in the pros. He only turned 28 years old in December and keeps improving his stats with each season. The stage is set for a breakout here in Oakland, and the right pieces just need to fall into place. Might it be time?

"Khrush" has an inspiring love for the game of baseball. Not the kind we're used to, but the kind you have when you're a kid pretending your backyard is a Major League stadium and you're walking up to the plate, about to crush (sorry, not sorry) a walk-off home run to your adoring fans. It's a kiddish, yet primal desire to prove his place, and when he does, he'll never stop showing you why he's there. If there's one guy you won't find resting on his laurels, it's Davis.

Crush like Khrush

And no matter how serious the world of baseball gets around him, Davis is dedicated to having fun. He's playing the game he loves and he couldn't be happier, so why shouldn't every step of the way be a new adventure?

In his down-time, Davis likes working on his show bike -- a low-rider with "a lot of chrome." He loves to work on the bike, but not necessarily the cleaning aspect of it. (Though he does mention that the bike is kept immaculate, just like every other aspect of his life. Davis needs everything to be clean and color-coordinated, from his closet to his bathroom and locker.)

In between hitting home runs and working on his low-rider, Davis also got his own signature burger ("The Davis Chili Cheese Burger") at AJ Bomber's in Miller Park while he was on the Brewers. A "single patty topped with house-made chili, jalapeños and avocado." Yum. Maybe something can be worked out at the Coliseum ...

Davis has fond memories of playing for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, the Class-A Affiliate of the Brewers. One of his fondest memories of the club was winning the 2010 Midwest League Home Run Derby and sharing the experience with his teammates at the All-Star Game. Also in 2010, the Timber Rattlers played a game in Miller Park. Davis was in awe back then, referencing the 1988 film Bull Durhamsaying, "...All the baseball stadiums look like cathedrals, so I'm playing in a cathedral today." Still to this day, Davis is hit by that same feeling. Even if it's his home park where he plays every day, it still wows him whenever he drives up.

Davis has a love for music. It fuels his pregame rituals, it pumps him up and keeps his cool. He loves rap and hip hop, citing Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube as some of his favorites, among others.

Spring training games are only just underway, so thus the season creeps closer. Now is a good time to get a taste for what's to come for Khrush and the crew, but only time will tell how the team gels once the season finally gets going.