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Who would be on the Oakland A's version of Mount Rushmore?

Three good options right there.
Three good options right there.
Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Mount Rushmore in South Dakota is one of the most famous landmarks in the U.S., and it's also one of the most parodied. The very idea of a monument commemorating four of the most important faces in the nation's history is easy to tailor to any other group or organization, and today we are going to do just that with our baseball team.

It's a simple question, really. If you were to make a new Mount Rushmore to honor the Oakland A's organization, who would you put on it? The criteria are completely up to you. The only restriction is that I'm specifically talking about the Oakland A's, so no Connie Mack or Jimmie Foxx or anyone else from the previous incarnations of the franchise.

Do you pick four of the Hall of Famers? Must they have won titles with the A's, or can someone from the Moneyball years be included? Players only, or coaches (La Russa?) and executives (Beane?) as well? It's completely up to you. Well, you and everyone else, so it's really only slightly up to you personally. But as a community, it's up to all of us, collectively.

We're going to run this the same as the Community Prospect List. I'm going to begin the comments section with a Nominations post, and I will reply to that comment by making some obvious nominations. You may then add your own replies with any other nominations you wish to make, in the format of "Nomination: Person's Name". Please make all of your nominations as replies to my initial "OFFICIAL NOMINATIONS" comment, and also make sure the person has not already been nominated. And please do not reply in any other way to the official nomination comments, so that the ballot remains clean and visible; we can discuss our picks in the rest of the comments section below.

To cast your votes, click "Rec" on the four names you think should be immortalized on the mountain. Remember that once you Rec a comment, you have the power to Unrec it as well, so if you change your mind or someone makes another nomination you like after you already voted, you can always switch. But please keep yourself to four (or fewer) votes overall.

Alright, let's start voting in the comments!