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Oakland Athletics: What Are You Looking Forward to in 2016?

Alex Hall makes his weekly appearance on the Phil Naessens Show and the guys discuss what they are looking forward to seeing from the Oakland A's in 2016!

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Athletics Nation!

Spring training is here and within the next 10 days or so there will be actual baseball to be played.

No matter how dim the prospects of the upcoming season appear to the prognosticators and pundits spring is the time when every baseball fan is allowed to be optimistic about their team's chances for the upcoming season.

Alex came on my show earlier this week and we shared some of what we were looking forward to seeing from your Oakland Athletics this season.

What are you looking forward to seeing from your A's this season?

Alex appears at about the 43 minute mark of the show that also features plenty of basketball talk (sorry) and a terrific Fantasy Baseball segment beginning at about the 11 minute mark. You can download the show from my site or listen below!