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Sean Doolittle anticipiating Spring Training: The A's Awaken

With reliever Sean Doolittle reporting to spring training sporting a custom Star Wars shirt, we wonder how Spring Training Episode 2016: The A's Awaken would start?

Oakland Athletics closer is a well-known Star Wars fan. When he's not jamming to the Star Wars Main Titlegiving out lightsabers as Christmas giftsimpressing upon his girlfriend the importance of wearing a Darth Vader costume, or noticing Ken Griffey Jr. owns some sort of R2-D2 kitchen accessory, he's reporting for spring training in the finest Star Wars fan tradition:

Hmm, what would the start of Spring Training Episode 2016: The A's Awaken look like? With a few modifications to the The Force Awakens crawl, not that much different:

In case you can't watch this crawl right now:

A long time ago, in a cactus league far, far away....


Episode 2016


Billy Beane has vanished. In his absence, the sinister HOUSTON ASTROS have risen from the ashes of the Ed Wade era and will not rest until Beane has been destroyed.

With the support of REVENUE SHARING, General Manager David Forst leads the brave ATHLETICS. He is desperate to find his companion Billy and gain his help in restoring peace and justice to the AL West.

David has sent his most daring closer on a secret mission to Mesa, Arizona, where an old ally has discovered a clue to Billy's whereabouts...

The question is: What happens next?