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AN Podcast Ep. 6: PECOTA, GTFOH, and other fun acronyms

Harry How/Getty Images

Welcome to the Athletics Nation Podcast! Tune out the rest of the world for half an hour while Phil Naessens and I take you through the world of Oakland A's baseball.

It's the time of year when the experts begin to make their predictions for the MLB standings. Some of those guesses are better than others, and we recently discussed the PECOTA projections here on the site. Phil and I give our takes on those projections, as well as how "lucky" some recent title winners have (or haven't) been.

As a reminder, here are PECOTA's picks for the AL West:

1. Astros | 88-74
2. Mariners | 84-78
3. Rangers | 80-82
4. Angels | 75-87
5. A's | 75-87

What do you think of those standings? Share your version in the comments!