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AN Podcast Ep. 5: A lesson in timing

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Athletics Nation Podcast! Tune out the rest of the world for half an hour while Phil Naessens and I take you through the world of Oakland A's baseball.

Unfortunately, this episode didn't end up quite as planned. We spent most of it talking about potential last-minute outfield targets, with Austin Jackson in particular looking like an attractive option. And then an hour after the episode went live, the A's made a trade for an entirely different outfielder by acquiring Khris Davis from the Brewers. So, at least we were right about finding one more new addition before the season!

Anyway, the thing that makes this situation unfortunate is that most of our conversation became obsolete right away. With Davis on board, there isn't as much reason to sign another free agent. But here's the episode if you'd like to hear it anyway!