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MLB Network airing ‘School of Rickey’ documentary Tuesday night

Kenny Karst-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Network has a special holiday treat for Oakland A’s fans: School Of Rickey, a documentary about Hall of Famer and Bay Area legend Rickey Henderson. The film airs Tuesday, Dec. 20 (that’s tonight!) at 6 p.m. PT on MLB Network.

More on the documentary, via Jane Lee:

"We were trying to balance the cultural impact, his legacy, why he matters now, while also touching upon his career," said MLB Network coordinating producer Jed Tuminaro. "He was a player sort of ahead of his era, and his impact, you can see it in a lot of what goes on in today's game -- the way Rickey played, the style, the flair he had. We set out to show that."

Here’s another trailer, from August (at least watch the first 30 seconds of this one, so good):

And one final video. Full disclosure, it involves Harold Reynolds, and for that I’m truly sorry. But he actually tells a good story.

Rickey turns 58 years old on Christmas Day, so make sure to wish him an early Happy Birthday while you watch the documentary tonight!

P.S. To sports team Twitter accounts: Stop using that phrase as if it refers to actually watching TV, you weirdos.