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Oakland A’s trades and free agency: Roundup of potential targets

This post was last updated Jan. 13.

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It’s the offseason! And the MLB Winter Meetings are starting in a few days! That means it’s time to look around at the dozens of players available on the free agent and trade markets, and imagine what they would look like wearing green and gold.

This is a roundup of all the notable names available this winter (including those who have already settled on new homes). Of course, these are the A’s we’re talking about, so the actual real-life acquisitions they end up with are quite likely to be either someone we hadn’t heard of or someone we didn’t know was available, or possibly even someone who plays another sport but puts incredible spin on whatever type of ball he currently plays with. You never know! That’s part of the fun.

Here are the names, separated into some larger categories. The list is based off the FanGraphs Top 50, with some extra ones added in. Athletics Nation has written profiles on many of these players, and there are more on the way in the coming days, so the ones with writeups have links next to them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are not actual rumors. The A’s haven’t been publicly connected to any players, really, which isn’t unusual for them. They were briefly connected to Eric Thames, but he signed elsewhere. I guess they’re connected to Matt Joyce now, contractually. What follows is a list, put together by fans, of the names that exist in this world for the A’s to consider.

Center Fielders

Also see: CF targets roundup

Key Trade Targets

Other Trade Targets

Free Agents

The remaining players are free agents unless otherwise specified.

Lefty Outfielders

Other Lefty Hitters

  • Eric Thames (link) (signed)
  • Luis Valbuena
  • Kendrys Morales (signed)
  • Pedro Alvarez


In case Stephen Vogt is traded.

  • Kurt Suzuki
  • Chris Iannetta
  • A.J. Ellis (signed)

Veteran Starters

Veteran Relievers

Players I Omitted

Too expensive: OF Yoenis Cespedes (signed), LHP Aroldis Chapman (signed), OF Jose Bautista, RHP Kenley Jansen (signed), OF Carlos Beltran (signed)

Bad roster fit: DH Edwin Encarnacion (A’s RUMOR!) (nope, signed), 3B Justin Turner (signed), C Matt Wieters, DH Mark Trumbo (A’s RUMOR!), C Jason Castro (signed), 1B Mike Napoli, C Wilson Ramos (signed), 1B Steve Pearce (signed), SS Erick Aybar, 1B Chris Carter

Meh: RHP Sergio Romo, RHP Santiago Casilla (signed by A’s!), RHP Koji Uehara (signed), OF Angel Pagan, 2B Chase Utley

This post will be updated as the offseason progresses. Last update: Jan. 13, 10:30 a.m. PT.