Thoughts on Josh Smith

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Josh Smith (RHP) was claimed by the Oakland A's off waivers from the Cincinnati Reds on November 4, 2016.

The Reds used Smith as a relief pitcher and long man. He also made two spot starts in late September.

2016: 59.2 IP, 48 K, 26 BB, 11 HR, FIP 5.29, ERA 4.68


34% FB 91 mph

31% Slider 85 mph

21% Curve 78 mph

Throws three pitches and can change speeds. All pitches were below average in 2016. Upright delivery, compact with arm close to body. Finishes mostly upright, ready to field.

Thoughts after watching three innings (2016) chosen by a random number generator:
Slider stays in the middle of the zone, hitters make hard contact.

Thoughts after watching two innings (2016) where he gave up 3 or more runs:
Hanging sliders, pitches on the inner half of the plate to LHB without much movement. Unable to throw curveball for a strike.

How does he fit with the rest of the bullpen?

Pretty well actually. Most of our RH relievers are FB/slider and sinker/slider.

Comparable relief pitcher: Joe Blanton

Wishful Thinking: The curveball comes around and he becomes 75% of Rich Hill

I used pitching data from Brooks Baseball