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Oakland A’s Stadium Project Idea Incubator

MLB: Wrigley Field Renovations
Let’s construct a world class Oakland A’s baseball park!
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, the A’s shuffled the deck at the very top of their organization, as managing partner Lew Wolff sold the bulk of his ownership stake and was replaced as acting partner by majority owner John Fisher. Additionally, long-time president Mike Crowley stepped down and was replaced by new Athletics president Dave Kaval.

With the reworking of the organization at the very top, the A’s new business brass hit the ground with a clear emphasis on the development and construction of a new world-class baseball park in Oakland to usher in a new era for the Oakland A’s.

Kaval forcefully indicated that the process would begin immediately for determining the location, look and feel of the potential new site. And the process is planned to include the fans and community. The new president went so far as set up planned office hours in Oakland to engage community members who have ideas and insight for a potential new park.

With this new chapter in the much-needed development of a baseball stadium for the Oakland A’s, and the A’s brass clearly inviting community input, what better place than AN to kick around ideas, brainstorm, and incubate some ideas for a top flight baseball park in Oakland for the Athletics?

Maybe brewpubs are involved? Maybe North Bay wineries? Maybe we finally get a Rickey Henderson statue out front? Maybe there are bars right next door, or even inside? Maybe there is a certain type of design or art you like? Maybe certain dimensions would be fun to watch? Food trucks? Ballpark food with a twist? An homage to past great Oakland A’s teams and legends somewhere in the park? What type of facade? What type of seating capacity is best? Any ancillary development that stands out to you?

The questions and ideas can be somewhat limitless as you peel back the onion and start to think. It is really a fascinating process and a fun opportunity for A’s fans to put together some great ideas.

Here is your opportunity to brain storm ideas and provide community thoughts and feedback as the Oakland A’s look to make the leap to a truly great MLB ballpark.