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For Bill King, It’s About Fricking Time

“Daniel Mengden...I am your father...”

Ken Korach, whose knowledge of Bill King is so vast it could probably fill a whole book, thinks it’s time King was finally given the Ford C. Frick award. Few A’s fans would argue with this, nor would many fans of the Warriors or Raiders, yet so far King has proven better at sports broadcasting than at winning awards for it.

You might wonder, why is this? No, it isn’t that King has failed to win New Hampshire because it may surprise you to learn that the Ford C. Frick award does not use an electoral college. For whatever reason, King often makes it to the finalist stage but is always passed up for someone else.

Maybe King’s truly unique mastery of not one, not two, but three major sports has actually hurt him. Baseball broadcasting awards do not consider basketball broadcasting prowess, basketball experts do not vote on football broadcasting awards, and so on. It’s a shame because as a legend in three sports King has little, if any, company. Yet 11 years after his passing, King’s voice may still be fresh in the minds of Bay Area sports fans but his trophy cupboard is disproportionately bare.

Not that King would probably care as much as we do. If handed a trophy he would likely say thanks because it provided him with a truly solid object to hurl at an umpire or referee.

As for the Ford C. Frick award, the current structure only allows King to be placed on the ballot every three years and this is one of those years. It’s now or "Wait ‘till 2019!" So unless you’re just too tired of elections to vote — or maybe you’re left-handed and would prefer to phegley — consider doing your part to help get King into the finals once again, where maybe this time he can win an elimination game unlike the team whose games he called from 1981-2005.

A list of past Ford C. Frick winners can be seen here. It’s just wrong that King isn’t on there somewhere. How about now?