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MLB trade rumors: Oakland A's willing to listen on Gray, Vogt, Doolittle, per Rosenthal

The most shocking article of the year.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Per excellent Fox News reporter Ken Rosenthal, the A’s are willing to listen on potential trade chips like Sonny Gray, Stephen Vogt, and Sean Doolittle. Rosenthal notes that the A’s aren’t so much actively pursuing trades for those players as much as they’re willing to listen to what comes their way.

That’s never gone wrong before!

This is pretty much non news, though it’s still something we all love to talk about. Of course the A’s are listening on those players, as well they should. With an ugly free agent class and a league that’s shown a willingness to part with top prospects in win-now moves, you never know what may be waiting when the phone rings. The A's are looking to towards the future by means of trading their established players for young, cost controlled players.

As Rosenthal details, whether or not the A’s move any of these three players (or any others, for that matter) depends on the market. Duh. The answer to that question is confusing for multiple reasons.

All three players have question marks that match their upside. Gray’s position is scarce on the market and his upside is obvious, but he was terrible last season. Vogt is a solid player, even making the All-Star team, but he’s not young and his season wasn't exactly overwhelming. Doolittle has the upside of a relief ace and had a solid campaign, aside from missing two months with a shoulder injury. Shoulder injuries are not fun.

None of those guys are sure fire bets to command a haul and if they don't, the A's can easily stand pat on any of the three.

Here’s a sad paragraph.

Sad isn’t always bad, though, as it’s probably in the A’s best interest to not overcommit in an attempt at reaching an unattainable goal. But, if even the A’s notoriously optimistic Front Office recognizes the uphill odds of a 2017 playoff bid, well, fiddlesticks.

This is probably your best indication of how this offseason will go, and it's not exactly surprising. The A's are bad, the market is too, and it would make sense for the team to be sellers. Still, we've all seen the A's FO go against conventional wisdom or even their own word. Trading big leaugers for younger pieces makes sense, but it's not the A's only option. Their most likely, yes, but we're only a short while removed from the Ben Zobrist acquisition, a win-now move turned win-later move at the deadline. Going for it in the short term can pay off in the long term, and you just never know which way the A's will go.

That said, the takeaway from Rosenthal's piece is hold onto your butts. The A's will probably do A's things, which means trading established players for the stars of years to come, which will probably make you sad. It's probably the right thing to do with the state of the franchise. Offseason craziness, here we come.