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Chip Hale to return to Oakland A's as 3B Coach

Out with the old, in with the old.

Please pretend that D is a poorly drawn O.
Please pretend that D is a poorly drawn O.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In Ron Washington's vacancy, Chip Hale will be returning to the Oakland A's to coach third-base.

Hale was the A's bench coach during the 2012-2014 playoff run. He has a long history with Bob Melvin, previously working with him in Arizona during Melvin's first managerial stint.

Most recently, Hale was fired as a manager of those same Diamondbacks along with GM Dave Stewart. Hale was in a true no-win situation, and in spite of leading a team that overachieved in many aspects, he was unable to survive Arizona's organizational overhaul.

While Hale is well known as the losing manager of the hapless D'backs front office, he's better known for being involved in one of the most famous baseball bloopers of all time. He's the guy hitting the ball in the video below, and is at least partially responsible for the death of that poorly constructed wall.

In addition to the Hale news, it's been reported by Susan Slusser and confirmed by the organization that the rest of the A's coaching staff will return. There apparently was some question about the continued employment of some of those coaches who oversaw the A's disappointing 2016, but the likes of Curt Young, Darren Bush, and more will once again don the green and gold.

Welcome back Chip! We have missed you.