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AN Podcast Ep. 2: Which non-A's player is your guilty pleasure?

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Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Welcome to the Athletics Nation Podcast! Tune out the rest of the world for half an hour while Phil Naessens and I take you through the world of Oakland A's baseball.

On this week's agenda, among other things: which non-A's player can you not help but root for? We've all got a player from another team (or even a division rival) whom we admire from afar -- my brother grew up a fan of David Justice in the early 90s, which made it even cooler when Justice finished his career in Oakland! But of course, this was in the days before interleague play, so it was safe to cheer for an NL player as an A's fan; even better if your guilty pleasure happens to be on the Angels or Astros or another direct rival.

Let us know your non-A's favorite in the comments!