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Athletics Nation Grows By One

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On the heels of Blez' announcement that he is taking a break from the baby he created, I'd like to announce a baby of my own; a baseballbaby born on 11/28/2015.

So it's taken me a bit to be able to sit down and write this post, but before we get full-swing into the A's 2016 season, I wanted to introduce you to AN's newest member, Miss Juliet, who was my holiday present last year. For those of you quick at the math, you can calculate that I found out I was pregnant the day before the season started in 2015; on Easter Sunday, no less, which in practical terms, means that I was completely sober each and every A's game I moderated last season. I know we've all tried to block out the A's of 2015, but I feel I should have earned some kind of special merit badge for that feat. Rest assured, however, your regularly scheduled Friday evening drinking threads will resume in April.

For those of you new to AN, this baseballbaby has been a long time in the making. I met my now-husband on AN in 2006, and we had the honor of Blez going public with our engagement and wedding announcement in 2010. Three years later, we were part of a Valentine's special for AN, and now, ten years after we met, six years after we married, and thirteen years after AN was first created, we are proud to introduce a baseballbaby, who can't wait for her first Spring Training and her first A's season, and it better be a good one.

The pink in her closet is broken up only by the adorable green-and-gold outfits which we will be modeling every game, so here's to a rallybaby, drinking threads in 2016, and a spectacularly unforgettable season of A's baseball this year.