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Introducing the Athletics Nation Podcast!

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For the last few seasons, Phil Naessens has had me as a regular guest on his podcast to discuss the Oakland A's. For most of that time, we've kicked around the idea of doing a separate show dedicated just to the A's and Athletics Nation, but like so many other plans it has always been pushed down the calendar to a later date. That later date turned out to be Friday.

When we finished recording our segment for Phil's regular show (which will be posted Monday), we decided there was no time like the present to get started on our A's show. The result is embedded below, and is about 26 minutes in length. I haven't done a lot of these since last summer so early on I do some serious rambling, but it tightens up as it goes on and Phil is as smooth as ever.

The next step is to let us know what you would like to hear. We've got plenty of ideas in the meantime, both in terms of topics and ways to present them, but the whole point of this project is to tailor it to what interests you the most. This first episode is just a free-form conversation like we normally do on his show, but it may end up being structured in any number of ways in the future.