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Oakland A's 2016 Player Profile: Sean Doolittle

Ah, yes, the Red-Bearded Caveman of a Closer (please repeat five times, fast) with hands full of sweet heat. Hailing from snowy South Dakota and standing in at 6'3" and 210 pounds, Doolittle (29) is a force to be reckoned with -- as long as he can stay healthy.

While his pitching prowess is something to be drooled over (or pined for while he's on the DL), there are some other things that set #62 apart from the rest. Namely ...


Yes, some mortal men can meticulously care for their whiskers and still never achieve the greatness that Sean Doolittle has crafted. (Plus, the ability to rock a ginger beard is definitely something to be envied.) A great beard can be iconic, can be intimidating, but is most importantly just really fun to look at.

While you sit there stroking your own imaginary (or, for the lucky ones, your own) bushel of beardy loveliness, it's also time to take note of the fact that Doolittle is a huge Star Wars nut. A very, very big Star Wars nut.

Sean, his girlfriend, Eireann Dolan and their dog, Stella, were cast as extras for the upcoming Star Wars flicks. Sadly, they had to decline due to baseball (and doggy) happenings*

star wars

*(some facts exaggerated or fictionalized)

Well, even if that fact isn't "real," they definitely did go see Star Wars together. Which is just about the same thing.

He is also really well-practiced at doing this thing.

this thing

And he has some great taste in music.

Not to mention, Sean and Eireann have been involved in a lot of charitable work during their time in Oakland, going above and beyond to help out those in need of a hand or a voice. Most recently, they hosted 17 Syrian refugee families in Chicago for Thanksgiving dinner. They also got some cool gifts for military families as a part of Operation Finally Home.

Also, notably (and one of my personal favorite things they've done), when the A's announced LGBT Pride Night, a number of season ticket holders made it clear that they were uncomfortable attending the game. Eireann publicly posted on her blog that she would be buying all the tickets up from fans who did not wish to attend and donating them to a local LGBTQ youth center. They rocked it.

All that behind one, majestic beard. And while you're gearing up for the season, don't forget to keep your emergency burrito in your car, just in case. You never know what the future will hold, so rock hard.