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Momentum running against Oakland Raiders in NFL L.A. relocation, reports L.A. Times

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What this means for the Oakland Athletics journey for a new stadium as the NFL gets set to meet in general session on Tuesday.

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The Los Angeles Times reports that "a consensus is building with the league for the St. Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers to share a stadium in Inglewood," citing league insiders. These insiders say that while Chargers owner Dean Spanos has been publicly standing behind the joint proposal of the Chargers and Raiders to build a stadium in Carson, "Spanos doesn't want to be seen as turning his back on a partner."

Here's Spanos, arriving in Houston for the ownership meetings that start Tuesday as the L.A. relocation committee completes its deliberations today:

If things continue to push towards having two teams in Inglewood and leaving the Raiders behind, some critical things can still happen at this week's NFL meetings for the A's to soon become the sole major tenants at the Oakland Coliseum-Arena complex.

Writes the L.A. Times:

It would mean striking a bargain that keeps the Raiders out of L.A. but doesn't leave them empty handed. Such a maneuver could mean that the Raiders return to Oakland in the short term, but can explore relocating to other cities, among them San Diego, St. Louis or joining the San Francisco 49ers in their new stadium in Santa Clara.

How might the Raiders end up in L.A. anyway? Rams owner Stan Kroenke could be so intent on retaining revenues in the project he wants to lead in Inglewood that no deal he presents would be acceptable to Spanos, forcing the NFL to decide between having nobody in Los Angeles this season or allowing the joint Chargers-Raiders proposal to move forward.

Three-quarters of owners (24 of 32) are needed to approve a franchise relocation. If the Raiders aren't one of those teams, they probably return to the Coliseum for at least one more year as the NFL works out the aftermath of its L.A. decision.

If the Raiders stay, the A's for now will continue to re-examine proposed sites in Oakland under the rapprochement encouraged by Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. But once it becomes eminently clear that the Raiders won't build at the Coliseum, the A's will zoom forward with their plans for what they'll do as the only tenant at the Coliseum.