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Oakland A's prospect watch: Mikey White leads 2015 draft class

As you can see, White is an advanced prospect.
As you can see, White is an advanced prospect.
Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Before the season began, Athletics Nation voted on its annual Community Prospect List, ranking the 25 best players in the minors. With hope for the playoffs dwindling by the day, it's time for us to take a look at how those top prospects are doing. For the full 2015 list, as well as a list of the different categories that I've separated the prospects into, scroll to the bottom of the post.

Today, we will look at The 2015 Draft Class. Obviously, none of these guys made the preseason list, because none of them were in the organization last winter. Several of them will crack various levels of the 2016 list, though, so let's meet them. I don't know a huge amount about each guy, so we'll run through all 10 of the top picks as well as a few other notables. The break after No. 6 Derby denotes the point at which I mostly only have stats to offer.

Most of these guys played for the short-season Low-A Vermont Lake Monsters, but a few of the high picks are still in rookie ball. Mikey White and Tim Proudfoot are the only two who have reached full-season ball with the Beloit Snappers. Look at this list like a group of lotto tickets -- hopefully a few of them will hit the jackpot and emerge next year, and it may be the ones you're expecting or it may be some random mid-rounders. Many more will stall out and leave this post as one of their top career hits on Google. There are five whom I expect have good chances at reaching our community list this winter, in no particular order: Martin, White, Chalmers, Bolt, and Derby.

1. Richie Martin (SS)
2. Mikey White (SS)
3. Dakota Chalmers (RHP)
4. Skye Bolt (CF)
5. Kevin Duchene (LHP)
6. Bubba Derby (RHP)
7. Kyle Friedrichs (RHP)
8. Nick Collins (C)
9. Jared Lyons (LHP)
10. Steven Pallares (OF)
12. Chris Iriart (1B)
13. Brett Siddall (OF)
14. Boomer Biegalski (RHP)
19. Seth Brown (1B)
20. James Naile (RHP)
21. Andrew Tomasovich (LHP)
24. Heath Bowers (RHP)
25. Evan Manarino (LHP)
35. Tim Proudfoot (SS)


Lots of credit to Athletics Farm for helping out with info for this post, especially with the interview of Eric Kubota (A's Director of Scouting), and to Oakland Clubhouse ( for their profiles and Q&As with the top draftees. Also a big tip of the hat to, with their scouting reports and scouting grades -- the "Best tools"  for the first four players on the list are based on the grades given on on the 20-to-80 scale, including (for position players) Hit, Power, Speed, Arm, Fielding, and (for pitchers) Fastball, Curveball, Slider, Changeup, Control.


No. 1 | Richie Martin | SS | Age 20

Current level: Low-A (Vermont Lake Monsters)

2015 Low-A stats: 226 PAs, .237/.353/.342, 112 wRC+, 2 HR, 25 BB, 47 Ks, 7-of-14 SB

Best tools: Speed, Arm, Fielding

Martin was Oakland's first-round pick, No. 20 overall. He's young for a college guy, and his strength is his defense. Here is a report from, who already has him ranked as the team's No. 4 prospect:

Most college shortstops have to move to a less challenging position in pro ball, but that's not the case with Martin. ... With his quickness, range and arm strength, Martin can make all the plays needed from a shortstop. He had a tendency to make errors when he tried to do too much, but he settled down and did a better job of playing under control in 2015.

To get an idea of what those words mean, here is an impressive play he made in college. It doesn't show off his arm, but it does highlight his athleticism, his hands, and his general instincts.

Eric Kubota adds the following piece to the puzzle, via A's Farm:

His single best tool is probably his speed - he can really run - and just a little behind that would be his defensive ability.

While Martin's defense and speed aren't in doubt, his bat is a different story. There is plenty of reason for optimism, but every report makes it clear that his offense is not what made him a first-round pick. His approach at the plate is "to spray line drives and find a way to reach base," per Casey Tefertiller of Baseball America, so don't expect a lot of power. Indeed, he walked in 11.1% of his plate appearances in Low-A Vermont, and while his batting average doesn't look impressive it's worth noting that he still managed a wRC+ of 112, meaning he was comfortably above-average overall (NY-Penn League averages: .250 avg, .667 OPS). The fact that he's so fast makes him well-suited to be a slappy on-base guy, though he apparently has some work to do on the bases after being caught in half of his 14 steal attempts with the Lake Monsters.

Martin sounds like a smart, athletic player, and his baseball roots are already well-chronicled. He's far from a finished product, but there is a lot to like entering his first full pro season in 2016. Look for him to start at shortstop for Beloit next year.

No. 2 | Mikey White | SS | Age 21*

* White turned 22 on Sept. 3

Current level: Single-A (Beloit Snappers)

2015 Low-A stats: 131 PAs, .325/.405/.459, 153 wRC+, 2 HR, 14 BB, 29 Ks
2015 Single-A stats: 145 PAs, .200/.283/.262, 65 wRC+, 1 HR, 10 BB, 30 Ks

Best tools: Hit, Arm

White is easily the most advanced player in this draft class so far. His hot start in Vermont earned him a ticket to full-season Beloit when Yairo Munoz left the Snappers to cover for the injured Franklin Barreto in High-A Stockton.

Unfortunately, the Alabama product didn't continue his roll at the higher level, but the more important thing is that he got experience there at all. Matt Chapman and Branden Cogswell were the only hitters from the 2014 class to reach Beloit the year they were drafted, and neither of them did anything impressive right away either. Chapman recovered in 2015, and Cogswell at least improved in Stockton this year. It's also encouraging that White improved as time went on; after batting .129 in his first 20 games in Beloit, he hit .283 in his final 15 contests.

Here is, who has White as the A's No. 15 prospect:

He consistently barrels balls with a short right-handed swing and generates good pop for a middle infielder. His advanced on-base skills fit well at the top of a batting order. ... Though he has fringy pure speed, White runs the bases well. While he's not flashy or rangy at shortstop, he has dependable hands and makes routine plays. Second base is probably his best position

Although White didn't conquer the Midwest League, I wouldn't be surprised to see him open 2016 in High-A Stockton. Barreto is sure to move up to Double-A Midland after a breakout year, and though Munoz figures to be the Ports' regular shortstop I'm sure the A's can find time for White at that spot while also trying him out at other positions (like 2B). That's just my speculation, though, and we'll have to wait and see how everything shakes out next spring.

No. 3 Dakota Chalmers | RHP | Age 18

Current level: Arizona Rookie League

2015 AZL stats: 11 games, 20⅓ innings, 2.66 ERA, 18 Ks, 17 BB

Best tools: Fastball, Curveball, Slider

Normally I wouldn't bother with Rookie League stats, and I don't really think they're particularly meaningful. But there they are. Remember that he was probably in high school the last time you changed the oil in your car. If you're diligent, it may have been two oil changes ago.

The A's paid way over slot to get Chalmers in the third round and pry him away from a commitment to University of Georgia. Eric Kubota explains why, before slipping in a comparison to Clay Buchholz (via A's Farm):

When we evaluated Dakota, it was as a near 1st-round pick ... We've seen him up to 95-96 mph, and we think he's got a plus curveball - a strikeout, out-pitch type of curveball - and really an advanced feel for the changeup for a high school kid. So his stuff is top notch, and we think there's physical projection left for him.

That jibes well with the scouting report from, which goes on to mention the following area for improvement:

Chalmers' biggest need at this point is to clean up his delivery, which features more effort than scouts would like. His athleticism bodes well for his ability to refine his mechanics and improve his control and command.

Chalmers is super-duper young, and there's every reason to expect the A's will go slow with him. I wouldn't bet on seeing him anywhere above Beloit next year. Remember, we're not just waiting on his stuff to get tested against tougher competition, but also for his physical frame to fill out.

No. 4 Skye Bolt | CF | Age 21

Current level: Low-A (Vermont Lake Monsters)

2015 Low-A stats: 206 PAs, .238/.325/.381, 110 wRC+, 4 HR, 24 BB, 44 Ks

Best tools: Speed, Arm, Fielding, Power

Like Chalmers, the A's see Bolt as a guy who is better than his draft slot suggests. However, while Chalmers fell because of signability issues, Bolt dropped due to an injury and subsequent lackluster stats in his last two years of college. Eric Kubota (via AF) calls him a "first-round talent" based on his physical tools, though, and while his batting average didn't jump off the page at UNC he did retain his power and plate discipline.

The scouting report from chimes in with an interesting note, while ranking him No. 19 in the A's system:

A switch-hitter, Bolt exhibits more bat speed and a more authoritative swing as a lefty, leading some scouts to wonder if he'd be better off batting solely from that side of the plate. Maybe that would help him do a better job of handling quality fastballs and recognizing pitches, two of his weaknesses.

Indeed, Bolt's numbers in Vermont bear out that observation:

as LHB: .243/.351/.417, 4 HR, 24 BB, 35 Ks (168 PAs)
as RHB: .216/.211/.243, 0 HR, 0 BB, 9 Ks (38 PAs)

Those samples aren't much to go on, and it's possible that Bolt would do even worse against southpaws if he stayed on the left side himself, but as least you can see the criticism of his righty swing lining up with the numbers so far.

With all that being said, defense seems to be Bolt's carrying tool so far. Kubota lauds his glovework and notes that he "does a nice job of covering center field from gap to gap." Time will tell whether Bolt will turn into a toolsy bust or blossom into a two-way star. We'll see what he can do in full-season ball next year.

No. 5 Kevin Duchene | LHP | Age 21

(Pronounced du-SHAYN)

Current level: Low-A (Vermont Lake Monsters)

2015 Low-A stats: 8 games, 4.84 ERA, 22⅓ innings, 18 Ks, 9 BB, 2 HR, 4.41 FIP

Let's lead off with this profile from, which includes a glimpse at Duchene's arsenal:

Duchene's fastball, on a big-league scale, is slightly below average. But along with a good curveball and exceptional changeup, he throws a slider that often turns into a cutter -- a la Sonny Gray.

"He'll throw the cutter at 82-83, sometimes 85," said [Illinois pitching coach and former A's draftee Drew] Dickinson, "Then he'll take something off it and throw it like a true slider at 75-80, so it's a pitch he can always manipulate."

More from Eric Kubota (via A's Farm):

He's got solid stuff - we've seen him up to 92 mph with a good breaking ball and changeup. He's got an advanced feel for how to use his stuff. ... [K]ind of an average-sized left-hander who can really pitch.

Whereas Chalmers is a raw high school prospect whom I expect the A's will develop slowly, Duchene strikes me as the kind polished college arm that can move up the system as quickly as his stats allow. He'll be 22 next season and the reports rave about his secondary pitches and his general feel and command, so why not?

No. 6 Bubba Derby | RHP | Age 21

Current level: Low-A (Vermont Lake Monsters)

2015 Low-A stats: 12 games, 0.78 ERA, 34⅔ innings, 45 Ks, 10 BB, 2 HR, 2.54 FIP

This is where I start to run out of actual info about the players and am left mostly with box scores and stat lines. Derby's numbers are eye-popping, but it's worth noting that he stands 5'10 and that earns him the "likely reliever" tag, fairly or not.

This video scouting report from sheds some light on Derby's arsenal:

As a starter he'll throw his fastball anywhere in the 89-95 range, sitting comfortably in the 91-92 range. When he closed games for the Aztecs as a freshman, he touched 96 and 97 mph in the shorter stints. His changeup is his best secondary offering, and he has a really good feel for it, though he does throw it too frequently at times. He mixes in a slider as well.

The numbers he posted this year mostly came in 3-inning stints, which unfortunately doesn't shed any light on his future role. That's a common length for a "start" in Vermont, but it also doesn't translate to a starting workload at the higher levels. One argument in favor of the bullpen is that Derby is clearly 80-grade at filling up large amounts of free time during games:

The other question, of course, is whether he will go by his given name of Bowdien (pronounced BO-din) or his common nickname Bubba. There really isn't a wrong answer, though I obviously prefer Bubba if I were going to pick for him. His personal Twitter account currently lists him as "Bowdien Bubba Derby," which makes sense but doesn't help me answer my question; his handle is @BDerby11, but it appears that it used to be @bubbaderby11 so maybe that's a sign he's moving away from his nickname?

As with all the other guys on this list, only time will tell.


No. 7 Kyle Friedrichs | RHP | Age 23

2015 Low-A stats: 14 games, 4.50 ERA, 36 innings, 19 Ks, 13 BB, 2 HR, 4.43 FIP

Eric Kubota (via A's Farm):

We really think he has exceptional fastball command. And if there's one characeteristic you need to be able to pitch in the major leagues it's being able to command the fastball.

Melissa Lockard (Oakland Clubhouse):

Friedrichs doesn't throw particularly hard, but he mixes a sinker, a four-seam fastball, a change-up and a slider to get plenty of swings-and-misses and groundballs. ... A groundball pitcher, Friedrichs works quickly and likes to keep his defense alert. He already has an advanced understanding of how to use pitch sequences to keep hitters off-balance.

Lockard also notes that Friedrichs had Tommy John surgery in 2012.

No. 8 Nick Collins | C | Age 21

2015 Low-A stats: 132 PAs, .256/.333/.325, 100 wRC+, 2 HR, 13 BB, 14 Ks

Kubota (via AF):

Well, first and foremost, we think he can hit. He's a big, physical kid. He's a left-handed hitter. He's got a very strong arm. I think his receiving skills are a little bit behind those two skills right now. ... But we like his hands, and we think he's going to develop into a very good defensive catcher.

Donald Moore (via Oakland Clubhouse): "Collins has continued to show that he can hit for average during the outset of his professional career."

No. 9 Jared Lyons | LHP | Age 22

2015 Low-A stats: 12 games, 12.27 ERA, 14⅔ innings, 15 Ks, 7 BB, 1 HR, 3.99 FIP

Kubota (via AF): "It's a common theme (among this year's draft picks), but he threw strikes, he missed bats and he performed really well with solid stuff."

Moore (via OC): "Lyons doesn't have an overpowering fastball, but he uses location and three off-speed pitches to keep hitters off-balance."

No. 10 Steven Pallares | OF | Age 22

2015 Low-A stats: 292 PAs, .246/.363/.317, 109 wRC+, 2 HR, 40 BB, 39 Ks, 6-of-8 SB

Kubota (via AF):

[H]e's unique for a college senior in that we think that there's an upside left to him. ... We think he's got the ability to stay in center. But he also has the ability to play all three of the outfield positions. He's played some infield and has some versatility.

Moore (via OC): "Pallares also drew national attention when he stole home to win a NCAA regional game for the Aztecs. ... [He] has hit up and down the line-up [for Vermont] this season and [played] all over the outfield."


No. 12 Chris Iriart | 1B | Age 20

2015 Low-A stats: 289 PAs, .230/.304/.359, 98 OPS+, 5 HR, 23 BB, 86 Ks

Note: Lefty corner slugger with "a nose for driving in runs." (via OC)

No. 13 Brett Siddall | OF | Age 20

2015 Low-A stats: 176 PAs, .264/.324/.421, 120 wRC+, 4 HR, 9 BB, 32 Ks

Note: His name is Brett and he's Canadian. His dad Joe played for the Expos. (It's pronounced "SIHD-uhl," rhymes with "fiddle")

No. 14 Boomer Biegalski | RHP | Turned 21 on July 13

2015 AZL stats: 6 games, 11⅓ innings, 3.18 ERA, 12 Ks, 2 BB, 2 HR

Note: Real name is Leon

No. 19 Seth Brown | OF | Turned 23 on July 13

2015 Low-A stats: 267 PAs, .289/.356/.431, 133 wRC+, 3 HR, 25 BB, 51 Ks, 6-of-8 SB

Note: Best hitter on Lake Monsters once White was in Beloit. Drafted as a 1B, but made at least 10 starts at each OF position over 62 games with Vermont.

No. 20 James Naile | RHP | Age 22

2015 Low-A stats: 18 games, 1.93 ERA, 23⅓ innings, 17 Ks, 6 BB, 0 HR, 2.83 FIP

Note: Ground ball specialist, served as Vermont's closer (via OC)

No. 21 Andrew Tomasovich | LHP | Age 22

2015 Low-A stats: 12 games, 2.21 ERA, 20⅓ innings, 17 Ks, 7 BB, 1 HR, 3.66 FIP

Note: Brother drafted by Cubs in 2014, but now plays in independent ball

No. 24 Heath Bowers | RHP | Turned 22 on July 25

2015 Low-A stats: 15 games, 2.52 ERA, 35⅔ innings, 31 Ks, 16 BB, 1 HR, 3.66 FIP

Note: Groundball specialist, but with strikeout ability. Via Lockard: "Bowers' fastball rarely tops 90, but he used that movement and location, as well as a good slider, to strike-out more than eight batters per nine innings this season [in college]."

No. 25 Evan Manarino | LHP | Age 22

2015 Low-A stats: 15 games, 5.59 ERA, 38⅔ innings, 28 Ks, 6 BB, 2 HR, 3.21 FIP

Note: Led 2015 draft class in innings at Vermont

No. 35 Tim Proudfoot | SS | Age 22

2015 Single-A stats: 172 PAs, .208/.276/.253, 59 wRC+, 1 HR, 12 BB, 34 Ks

Note: Along with Mikey White, the only position players from the draft class to reach full-season Beloit this year

Final comments

The general trends in this draft appeared to be as follows -- college over high school (after a few years of drafting lots of high school players); emphasis on middle infielders in the early rounds, and plate discipline overall for hitters; emphasis on K/BB and groundball rates with pitchers, not so much velocity.

I really like White and Bolt. White seems like one of those all-around players who gets undervalued right up until he's a star second baseman in MLB. Bolt is boom-or-bust, and I love the A's so I'm picking boom (and he has to make it to Oakland with that name). I like Derby but as a reliever, and there's just something about Pallares that I can't shake -- maybe it's the walking more than striking out, plus the defensive versatility?

If I have to pick a couple of late-round sleepers, I dunno, give me Seth Brown as a hitter and Heath Bowers as a starting pitcher. I put several seconds of thought into those picks, and I mostly chose Brown because he has the best numbers (but also because of his all-around nature, with hitting, base running, and defensive versatility). I would have picked Chris Iriart if not for the high strikeout rate (nearly 30%). I don't dislike the guys that I didn't mention in this final section, I just wanted to highlight a select few and share my own hunches -- in reality, Martin and Chalmers are likely the best prospects in the class right now.


The categories:

The Graduates
The MLB Pitching Depth
The Young Hurlers
The Even Younger Hurlers
The Middle Infielders
The Corner Sluggers: 1B
The Corner Sluggers: 3B
The Best of the Rest
Stepping up in 2015
New International Standouts
Final Names of Note
- The 2015 Draft
- The New Acquisitions


The List

(All minor league regular seasons were completed Monday, Sept. 7. Midland and Stockton both made their respective postseasons and will start their playoffs on Wednesday, Sept. 9.)

Each player is listed at the level at which he currently plays, and his stats only include his performance at that current level. The levels refer to the Nashville Sounds (AAA), the Midland RockHounds (AA), the High-A Stockton Ports (A+), the Single-A Beloit Snappers (A), the short-season Low-A Vermont Lake Monsters (A-), and the Arizona Rookie League (RK). For the hitters, I am going to focus less on raw numbers and more on league-adjusted stats (wRC+) and rates (K% and BB%).

The list has been expanded to include the five new July trade acquisitions (stats listed are since their acquisitions), as well as five of the top June draft picks (first six picks minus third-round pick Dakota Chalmers, who is still in Rookie ball). At the end you will find five more players, labelled SU (Stepping Up).

* The following recent transactions are not reflected: Ryan DullTyler Ladendorf, Max Muncy, and Sean Nolin were promoted from Triple-A Nashville to MLB; Jose Torres was promoted to from Single-A Beloit to High-A Stockton. ... Rangel Ravelo (AAA), Ryan Dull (AAA), Dillon Overton (AA), Brendan McCurry (AA), Yairo Munoz (A+), and Mikey White (A) received midseason promotions and I've only included their stats at their new, higher levels. ... Aaron Kurcz spent time in the Braves' system, but I've only included his stats from Triple-A Nashville.

^ Player is currently on the disabled list. New additions since last update: None ... Old injuries: Matt Chapman (left wrist), Kendall Graveman (oblique), Bobby Wahl (undisclosed) ... Back from the DL: Franklin Barreto (wrist) ... Notes: Chris Bassitt skipped his start on Sept. 1 with a shoulder injury and it is unclear if he'll start again this season; Chapman returned from the DL for 3 games, but he re-injured his wrist and will miss Stockton's upcoming playoff series (via Ports broadcaster Zack Bayrouty)

Oakland A's 2015 Community Prospect List (stats thru Sept. 8)
# Name Pos Age Level 2015 Stats
1 Matt Olson 1B 21 AA 585 PAs, 132 wRC+, 17 HR, 17.9% BB, 23.8% Ks
2 Franklin Barreto SS 19 A+ 364 PAs, 122 wRC+, 13 HR, 4.1% BB, 18.4% Ks
3 Matt Chapman^ 3B 22 A+ 352 PAs, 139 wRC+, 23 HR, 11.1% BB, 22.4% Ks
4 Renato Nunez 3B 21 AA 416 PAs, 124 wRC+, 18 HR, 6.7% BB, 15.9% Ks
5 Dillon Overton LHP 23 AA 13 starts, 3.06 ERA, 64⅔ ip, 47 Ks, 15 BB, 4 HR, 3.34 FIP
6 Kendall Graveman^ RHP 24 MLB 21 starts, 99 ERA+, 115⅔ ip, 2.03 K/BB, 4.61 FIP, 0.4 fWAR
7 Yairo Munoz SS 20 A+ 165 PAs, 132 wRC+, 4 HR, 6.7% BB, 12.1% Ks
8 Sean Nolin LHP 25 *AAA 14 games, 2.66 ERA, 47⅓ ip, 38 Ks, 19 BB, 5 HR, 4.83 FIP
9 Raul Alcantara RHP 22 A+ 15 starts, 3.88 ERA, 48⅔ ip, 29 Ks, 8 BB, 3 HR, 4.00 FIP
10 Joey Wendle 2B 25 AAA 618 PAs, 101 wRC+, 10 HR, 3.6% BB, 18.4% Ks
11 R.J. Alvarez RHP 24 MLB 14 games, 37 ERA+, 12 ip, 2.86 K/BB, 5.89 FIP, -0.2 fWAR
12 Rangel Ravelo 3B 23 AAA 112 PAs, 86 wRC+, 1 HR, 6.3% BB, 19.6% Ks
13 Mark Canha 1B/OF 26 MLB 380 PAs, 107 wRC+, 13 HR, 6.6% BB, 20.5% Ks, 1.5 fWAR
14 Chad Pinder SS 23 AA 522 PAs, 135 wRC+, 15 HR, 5.4% BB, 19.7% Ks
15 Chris Bassitt RHP 26 MLB 15 games, 142 ERA+, 73⅓ ip, 2.35 K/BB, 3.87 FIP, 1.0 fWAR
16 Dustin Driver RHP 20 A- 14 games, 4.99 ERA, 52⅓ ip, 32 Ks, 35 BB, 4 HR, 5.41 FIP
17 Billy Burns OF 25 MLB 485 PAs, 100 wRC+, 26 SB, 4.7% BB, 14.6% Ks, 1.8 fWAR
18 Max Muncy 1B/3B 24 *AAA 143 PAs, 102 wRC+, 4 HR, 10.7% BB, 23.9% Ks
19 Tyler Ladendorf IF/OF 27 *AAA 90 PAs, 76 wRC+, 1 HR, 5.6 BB%, 25.6 K%
20 Daniel Gossett RHP 22 A 27 starts, 4.73 ERA, 144⅔ ip, 112 Ks, 52 BB, 16 HR, 4.49 FIP
21 Bobby Wahl^ RHP 23 AA 24 games, 4.18 ERA, 32⅓ ip, 36 Ks, 14 BB, 2 HR, 3.17 FIP
22 Chris Kohler LHP 20 A- 11 games, 4.66 ERA, 38⅔ ip, 37 Ks, 10 BB, 2 HR, 3.52 FIP
23 Pat Venditte SHP 30 MLB 16 games, 110 ERA+, 19⅓ ip, 3.25 K/BB, 3.76 FIP, 0.1 fWAR
24 Jaycob Brugman OF 23 AA 566 PAs, 105 wRC+, 6 HR, 11.0% BB, 15.7% Ks
25 Brett Graves RHP 22 A 28 starts, 5.36 ERA, 142⅔ ip, 91 Ks, 44 BB, 15 HR, 4.49 FIP
NR Bruce Maxwell C 24 AA 381 PAs, 79 wRC+, 2 HR, 10.2% BB, 14.2% Ks
NR Ryon Healy 3B/1B 23 AA 543 PAs, 113 wRC+, 10 HR, 5.5% BB, 15.1% Ks
NR Branden Kelliher RHP 19 RK Arizona Rookie League
NR Dylan Covey RHP 23 A+ 26 starts, 3.59 ERA, 140⅓ ip, 100 Ks, 43 BB, 13 HR, 4.60 FIP
NR Sandber Pimentel 1B 20 A 471 PAs, 112 wRC+, 13 HR, 10.6% BB, 22.1% Ks
SU Colin Walsh 2B 25 AA 619 PAs, 163 wRC+, 13 HR, 20.0% BB, 21.2% Ks
SU Ryan Dull RHP 25 *AAA 12 games, 1.13 ERA, 16 ip, 21 Ks, 3 BB, 1 HR, 2.35 FIP
SU Brendan McCurry RHP 23 AA 14 games, 1.62 ERA, 16⅔ ip, 26 Ks, 6 BB, 1 HR, 2.04 FIP
SU Jose Torres LHP 21 *A 44 games, 2.69 ERA, 73⅔ ip, 80 Ks, 23 BB, 4 HR, 3.03 FIP
SU Aaron Kurcz RHP 24 AAA 18 games, 4.15 ERA, 26 ip, 31 Ks, 15 BB, 2 HR, 3.95 FIP
TR Sean Manaea LHP 23 AA 7 starts, 1.90 ERA, 42⅔ ip, 51 Ks, 15 BB, 3 HR, 2.95 FIP
TR Daniel Mengden RHP 22 A+ 8 starts, 4.25 ERA, 42⅓ ip, 41 Ks, 10 BB, 6 HR, 4.53 FIP
TR Casey Meisner RHP 20 A+ 7 starts, 2.78 ERA, 32⅓ ip, 24 Ks, 7 BB, 1 HR, 3.35 FIP
TR Aaron Brooks RHP 25 MLB 6 games, 58 ERA+, 24⅔ ip, 3.33 K/BB, 3.97 FIP, 0.5 fWAR
TR Jacob Nottingham C 20 A+ 182 PAs, 107 wRC+, 3 HR, 6.6% BB, 20.9% Ks
DR Richie Martin SS 20 A- 226 PAs, 112 wRC+, 2 HR, 11.1% BB, 20.8% Ks
DR Mikey White SS 21 A 145 PAs, 65 wRC+, 1 HR, 6.9% BB, 20.7% Ks
DR Skye Bolt CF 21 A- 206 PAs, 110 wRC+, 4 HR, 11.7% BB, 21.4% Ks
DR Kevin Duchene LHP 21 A- 8 games, 4.84 ERA, 22⅓ ip, 18 Ks, 9 BB, 2 HR, 4.41 FIP
DR Bubba Derby RHP 21 A- 12 games, 0.78 ERA, 34⅔ ip, 45 Ks, 10 BB, 2 HR, 2.54 FIP