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Game Thread #155: A's vs. Giants

What, are they friends or something?
What, are they friends or something?
Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Just another meaningless game between a couple of teams with no hope of playoffs. No big deal. I don't think anything else remarkable is going on. Just your average, ordinary, late-season game between non-contenders. Nothing to see here.

Starting pitchers are Tim Hudson (8-8 4.20) and Barry Zito (0-0, 18.00). Just a couple of scrubs, pretty traditional for two teams out of the race. This guy Zito spent the entire season at AAA as 37 year old. What a scrub.

I don't blame you if y'all don't want to watch it. I mean, pretty unremarkable matchup between some bad baseball teams. Nothing else going on here.

Today's Lineups

Angel Pagan - CF Billy Burns - CF
Kelby Tomlinson - 2B Mark Canha - 1B
Matt Duffy - 3B Josh Reddick - RF
Buster Posey - 1B Danny Valencia - 3B
Marlon Byrd - RF Stephen Vogt - C
Brandon Crawford - SS Billy Butler - DH
Mac Williamson - DH Brett Lawrie - 2B
Jarrett Parker - LF Eric Sogard - SS
Trevor Brown - C Sam Fuld - LF
Tim Hudson - RHP Barry Zito - LHP