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Farm Report: A's Minor League Hitting & Pitching Leaders

A's minor league hit leader Joey Wendle
A's minor league hit leader Joey Wendle
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

This week, we're going to take a look at the A's minor league leaders in a number of different hitting and pitching categories. And after that, I've also included the A's Fall Instructional League roster for your perusal. But first, here's a quick recap of the A's affiliates' playoff performances last week as well as some of the recent injuries incurred. You can always keep tabs on all the A's prospects on my Athletics Farm site and get the latest on all the A's minor league doings right here on Athletics Nation...

Playoff & Injury Updates:

With the help of strong outings by starting pitchers Sean Manaea and Jake Sanchez, the Midland RockHounds won their best-of-five divisional series by three games to one, clinching the series on Saturday. Outfielder Jaycob Brugman went 5 for 9 with 2 home runs, while third baseman Renato Nunez went 6 for 14 with a grand slam in the series. The RockHounds will now be making their second straight trip to the Texas League Championship Series, which begins on Tuesday. But they'll be without shortstop Chad Pinder, who was felled by a hamstring injury, and outfielder Josh Whitaker, who suffered a broken finger. Pinder has already been replaced on the RockHounds roster by Stockton shortstop Yairo Munoz, and it looks like Whitaker will likely be replaced by Stockton outfielder J.P. Sportman.

Despite solid efforts from starting pitchers Daniel Mengden and Matt Stalcup, the Stockton Ports lost two games to one in their best-of-three divisional series last week, dropping the final game in a 15-inning marathon on Friday. Center fielder Brett Vertigan went 5 for 13 with a home run, while shortstop Franklin Barreto went 3 for 8 in the series. But the Ports played without third baseman Matt Chapman, who re-injured his wrist just prior to the playoffs.

A's 2015 Minor League Hitting & Pitching Leaders:

Included: Nashville Sounds (AAA), Midland RockHounds (AA), Stockton Ports (A), Beloit Snappers (A), Vermont Lake Monsters (A), AZL A's (Rk)


167 Joey Wendle 2B (Nas)

157 Brett Vertigan OF (Sto-Bel)

153 Ryon Healy 3B-1B (Mid)

151 Chad Pinder SS (Mid)

148 Jason Pridie OF (Nas)


42 Joey Wendle 2B (Nas)

39 Colin Walsh 2B (Mid)

37 Matt Olson 1B-OF (Mid)

35 Joe Bennie OF (Bel)

33 Ryan Roberts 3B (Nas)


8 B.J. Boyd OF (Sto)

8 Jaycob Brugman OF (Mid)

8 Joey Wendle 2B (Nas)

7 Jason Pridie OF (Nas)

7 Brett Vertigan OF (Sto-Bel)


23 Matt Chapman 3B (Sto)

20 Jason Pridie OF (Nas)

18 Renato Nunez 3B-1B (Mid)

17 Matt Olson 1B-OF (Mid)

15 Chad Pinder SS (Mid)


255 Joey Wendle 2B (Nas)

246 Jason Pridie OF (Nas)

232 Chad Pinder SS (Mid)

229 Colin Walsh 2B (Mid)

216 Ryon Healy 3B-1B (Mid)


89 Jason Pridie OF (Nas)

86 Chad Pinder SS (Mid)

75 Matt Olson 1B-OF (Mid)

75 Tyler Marincov OF (Sto)

74 Yairo Munoz SS (Bel-Sto)


98 Brett Vertigan OF (Sto-Bel)

97 Colin Walsh 2B (Mid)

84 Jason Pridie OF (Nas)

82 Matt Olson 1B-OF (Mid)

80 Joey Wendle 2B (Nas)


124 Colin Walsh 2B (Mid)

105 Matt Olson 1B-OF (Mid)

68 Brett Vertigan OF (Sto-Bel)

66 Joe Bennie OF (Bel)

62 Jaycob Brugman OF (Mid)


140 Justin Higley OF (Bel-Sto)

140 Tyler Marincov OF (Sto)

139 Matt Olson 1B-OF (Mid)

137 Joe Bennie OF (Bel)

131 Colin Walsh 2B (Mid)


30 Brett Vertigan OF (Sto-Bel)

25 Justin Higley OF (Bel-Sto)

25 Craig Gentry OF (Nas)

20 Jason Pridie OF (Nas)

19 Chad Oberacker OF (Mid)


34 Franklin Barreto SS (Sto)

34 Yairo Munoz SS (Bel-Sto)

28 Jose Brizuela 3B (Bel-Sto)

26 Chad Pinder SS (Mid)

19 Matt Chapman 3B (Sto)

--BATTING AVERAGE-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.317 Chad Pinder SS (Mid)

.310 Jason Pridie OF (Nas)

.302 Colin Walsh 2B (Mid)

.302 Ryon Healy 3B-1B (Mid)

.302 Franklin Barreto SS (Sto)

--ON-BASE PERCENTAGE-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.447 Colin Walsh 2B (Mid)

.388 Matt Olson 1B-OF (Mid)

.380 Jason Pridie OF (Nas)

.365 Brett Vertigan OF (Sto-Bel)

.363 Joe Bennie OF (Bel)

--SLUGGING PERCENTAGE-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.566 Matt Chapman 3B (Sto)

.515 Jason Pridie OF (Nas)

.500 Franklin Barreto SS (Sto)

.486 Chad Pinder SS (Mid)

.480 Renato Nunez 3B-1B (Mid)

--ON-BASE + SLUGGING-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.918 Colin Walsh 2B (Mid)

.907 Matt Chapman 3B (Sto)

.894 Jason Pridie OF (Nas)

.847 Chad Pinder SS (Mid)

.833 Franklin Barreto SS (Sto)


167 2/3 Zach Neal RHP (Nas-Mid)

166 1/3 Chris Jensen RHP (Mid)

151 Nate Long RHP (Mid-Nas)

151 Jake Sanchez RHP (Mid-Nas)

144 2/3 Daniel Gossett RHP (Bel)


116 Nate Long RHP (Mid-Nas)

112 Daniel Gossett RHP (Bel)

106 Dillon Overton LHP (Mid-Sto)

106 Jake Sanchez RHP (Mid-Nas)

100 Dylan Covey RHP (Sto)

100 Zach Neal (Nas-Mid)


12 Brett Graves RHP (Bel)

11 Jake Sanchez RHP (Mid-Nas)

10 Lou Trivino RHP (Sto)

10 Zach Neal RHP (Nas-Mid)

9 Joey Wagman RHP (Bel-Sto-Mid)

9 Kyle Finnegan RHP (Sto)

9 Chris Jensen RHP (Mid)

9 Jonathan Joseph (Mid-Sto)


27 Brendan McCurry RHP (Sto-Mid)

12 Ryan Dull RHP (Mid-Nas)

8 Ryan Cook RHP (Nas)

8 Angel Castro RHP (Nas)

8 Corey Walter RHP (Sto)

8 Seth Frankoff RHP (Mid-Nas)

8 Jose Torres LHP (Bel-Sto)

--EARNED RUN AVERAGE-- (minimum 100 innings)

3.43 Dillon Overton LHP (Mid-Sto)

3.46 Barry Zito LHP (Nas)

3.59 Joel Seddon RHP (Sto)

3.59 Dylan Covey RHP (Sto)

3.81 Jonathan Joseph RHP (Mid-Sto)

--WALKS + HITS PER INNING PITCHED-- (minimum 100 innings)

1.14 Joel Seddon RHP (Sto)

1.22 Dillon Overton LHP (Mid-Sto)

1.27 Dylan Covey RHP (Sto)

1.27 Joey Wagman RHP (Bel-Sto-Mid)

1.30 Tim Atherton RHP (Mid-Sto)

1.30 Jonathan Joseph RHP (Mid-Sto)

A's Fall Instructional League Roster:

The A's released their Fall Instructional League roster last week. Camp is set to open at the A's minor league facilities in Arizona later this week and will run for a month. 23 pitchers and 23 position players are currently scheduled to attend. Some high-profile prospects like catcher Jacob Nottingham and pitchers Chris Kohler and Dustin Driver will be participating. And the A's top four picks from this year's draft will also be attending - infielders Richie Martin and Mikey White, pitcher Dakota Chalmers and outfielder Skye Bolt. You can check out the full list of A's prospects who are set to be in camp below...


Xavier Altamirano

Ivan Andueza

Marc Berube

Boomer Biegalski

Brendan Butler

Dakota Chalmers

Wandisson Charles

Bubba Derby

Dustin Driver

Mike Fagan

Heath Fillmyer

John Gorman

Ryan Gorton

Dustin Hurlbutt

Branden Kelliher

Chris Kohler

James Naile

Armando Ruiz

Jordan Schwartz

Matt Stalcup

Andrew Tomasovich

Oscar Tovar

Jesus Zambrano


Iolana Akau

Santiago Chavez

Robert Mullen

Jacob Nottingham

Brett Sunde


Joe Bennie

Edwin Diaz

Ryan Howell

Chris Iriart

Trace Loehr

Jesus Lopez

Eric Marinez

Richie Martin

Sandber Pimentel

Mikey White


Luis Barrera

Skye Bolt

Seth Brown

Justin Higley

Steven Pallares

Jhonny Rodriguez

Brett Siddall

James Terrell

You can check out my site - Athletics Farm - for updates on the A's minor league teams and all the top prospects down on the farm.