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Game #143: Bad A's team loses 12-4

The A's didn't have much of a chance against the Rangers. If you actually watched this four hour marathon of boredom, well, sorry. At least it was better than the Raiders?

Choo kicked off today's snoozefest with a homer, and the Rangers never looked back.
Choo kicked off today's snoozefest with a homer, and the Rangers never looked back.
Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

Wow, today's game was pretty boring and really freaking long. I can't imagine the players enjoyed the nearly four hours in stifling 91 degree heat. The A's lost to Texas in typical fashion. Felix Doubront allowed a few homers and was never comfortable at all. Maybe it was working with rookie catcher Carson Blair, maybe it was an issue with the home plate ump, but most likely he just is an inconsistent pitcher who is still learning how to pitch (and may never learn). He allowed a leadoff homer but managed to skate by until Adrian Beltre got him for two dingers. Well, allowing a couple jacks to a future hall of famer isn't that big of a deal I guess.

That being said, it left us with at least 3⅔ innings of the A's bullpen coming up. We know how that goes.

It ended up being seven pitchers for the A's, and six for the Rangers. Whyyyyyy?????

Some highlights:

  • Carson Blair's first major league hit being a homer crushed to left field. He's from the area and his friends and family enjoyed that one thoroughly. Earlier in the game Blair tried to use his mask to scoop a ball, which would have given Mike Napoli two bases free but none of the umpires saw it. It ended up being a strikeout.
  • Mike Napoli made his first start in left field, and the A's managed not to hit a single ball to him in left.
  • Daniel Coulombe bent but didn't break, allowing two base runners but getting out of the seventh without allowing a run.
  • Pat Venditte pitched well against one batter, and prior to the game he met up with a 10-year-old switch pitcher named Dodge. Dodge apparently idolizes Venditte and got his own custom six-finger glove made. That's nice.
  • Danny Valencia continued his torrid performance with the A's. Today he had a two-run triple and then scored on a Billy Butler "hit."
  • Josh Reddick continues to hit well, going 2-5 with a double.
  • There were a few teases, most notably the A's loaded the bases with one out in the eighth inning. Blair and Marcus Semien failed to make it a game, the score remained 9-4, and we remained bored. RJ Alvarez finished off with a gascan special, walks plus a three run jack to Rougned Odor. 12-4 Rangers and why couldn't we just call it with the mercy rule at the end of the 8th?

    At least the Angels blew a 3-0 lead in the 9th inning and lost. Also we saw an Eric Sogard pinch hit appearance, for Danny Valencia. He walked. That tells you all you need to know about the lack of drama in the 2015 A's season.