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Game Thread #111: Oakland Athletics vs. Houston Astros

So, baseball, we meet again. What pain and agony do you have in store for us tonight? Oh, hey! It's Sonny Gray! Maybe he can pitch nine innings. It's our only hope!

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Isn't baseball fun? For your Friday night, we have quite a game for you. Okay, we really don't, but Sonny Gray is starting, so it sounded good. After watching as many bullpen implosions this week as in the beginning of the season, this last part of the season has really been painful, if we cared at all, and I suspect we're reaching the end of our "caring about 2015" phase.

It appears that Josh Reddick is sitting out tonight, but don't you worry, Sam Fuld is in! Actually, I'm excited to see a start from Danny Valencia against the lefty Dallas Keuchel, so there's that.

Sonny, I'm just...well...I'm sorry. You are a really bright spot on a really dismal season, and it is a joy and delight to watch you pitch, no matter how far out of first (or fourth), the A's are. This is actually a great pitching match-up, so grab your drink of choice and settle in for the night. Also, don't think about how much you'd like the Astros to win over the Angels and how we really don't want to get too much in their way.

Just me?

Happy Friday, everyone!

Here are your lineups:

Today's Lineups

Jose Altuve - 2B Billy Burns - CF
Carlos Gomez - CF Coco Crisp - LF
Carlos Correa - SS Brett Lawrie - 2B
Jed Lowrie - 3B Danny Valencia - 3B
Colby Rasmus - RF Billy Butler - DH
Evan Gattis - DH Josh Phegley - C
Preston Tucker - LF Marcus Semien - SS
Luis Valbuena - 1B Mark Canha - 1B
Jason Castro - C Sam Fuld - RF
Dallas Keuchel - LHP Sonny Gray - RHP