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Athletics Nation Tailgate Party!

August 22nd at the Coliseum. After all, we might as well have some fun this season.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

This obviously hasn't been the best season of baseball we've witnessed as A's fans. After an offseason of seeing many of our favorites sent on to brighter (but not greener) pastures, we have suffered through myriad gut-wrenching one run losses and bullpen implosions. A tough year to be an A's fan.

But we of Athletics Nation are nothing if not die-hard. So rather than meekly cower in our moms' basements, we will show up in full force for a super tailgate party.

See how tall Alex Hall actually is!

Hear "eyeball scout" Nico rant on about Billy Burns!

Find out if Sc00by is indeed a dog!

Observe BWH's exquisite tastes in men's fashion!

Share a Capri Sun with JJ Miller!

Bask in the glory of Mehran's Zubaz!

Watch tc.athletics squeeze ketchup onto his crab fries!

Enjoy hotpuff's creative heckling!

Watch Jeremy Koo post a story within 30 seconds of Slusser's tweet!

Do the Bernie with bernie_till_i_die!

The Athletics Nation 2015 Tailgate Party

A's vs. Rays, O.Co Coliseum

Saturday, August 22nd, 2 pm till game time (6 pm start)

August 22nd is Star Wars fireworks night. With the late Saturday start we'll have plenty of time to leisurely saunter into the O.Co parking lot and hang out before the game. Because of the relatively late notice and the fact that many folks probably are already going to this game, we are not doing a special group ticket buy, so please buy your own tickets. Or don't go to the game, just come tailgate and leave before the A's-Rays snoozefest. Whatever works!

Details will follow, as in what area of the lot, etc. For now we'd just like to start collecting RSVPs.

It's potluck style, so please feel free to bring whatever food and drinks you want to share, or just show up. If you are planning to bring something, please mention it in the comments so that others can see and plan accordingly. I'm sure we can figure out how to bring a grill there too if people want to grill.

Of course, all family, friends, and even lurkers are invited.

Updates and more info will be posted in the coming weeks.

Although the A's have had a less than stellar season, Athletics Nation has had a banner year thanks to all of you. So let's celebrate!