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Game Thread #125: Oakland Athletics versus Tampa Bay Rays

James Loney was fired up last night after his ejection. Let's hope Kendall Graveman is just as fired up today as he takes on those pesky Rays who ruined our night in the 9th last night. With a 70 degree, 1:05 start--let's hope our bats are warm like last night. Use The Force, boys!

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Well, Athletics happened again: A ninth inning blown save. There were highlights in last night's game, however. Billy Burns made a web-gem diving catch; this helped offset his cold, 0-4 bat. We saw a great diving catch from the ball boy down the left side as well; my favorite part of that was Longo throwing up his arms and yelling "Yeah!!!!!" [Or I assume that's what he yelled as I was on the first base side last night.] Cahna homered as did Phegley. Nice. There was even classy A's fans posting a Jaso-love banner. And, even after the blown save in the top of the 9th as well as our at-bat in the bottom of the 9th, the A's fans rocked the Coliseum. Warriors-style volume.

Sith Lord of the night was Asdrubal Cabrera who homered off of Gray and then had the go-ahead double in the ninth. Yes, we had a slight shift in the infield, yet even without it that hard shot up the first base line was untouchable. Sigh. James Loney, by the way, would call home plate ump Paul Nauert the Sith Lord after getting ejected for yelling "goddammit" and tossing his bat and helmet not-all-that-hard. I was laughing. Itchy trigger finger, Blue. Better you than us, Rays! [It was Star Wars fireworks night last night in case you missed that.]

So how about today? Will we see Doolittle? Who knows! And for that matter, who knows what will happen in any part of today's game. Our boys are unpredictable these days. Kendall Graveman will no doubt give up a few hits, but he has really started settling in and it should be a good matchup. Let's go, Oakland! We need this today!

Today's Lineups

Grady Sizemore - DH Billy Burns - CF
Daniel Nava - RF Mark Canha - 1B
Evan Longoria - 3B Josh Reddick - RF
John Jaso - LF Danny Valencia - 3B
Logan Forsythe - 2B Stephen Vogt - C
Asdrubal Cabrera - SS Brett Lawrie - 2B
James Loney - 1B Billy Butler - DH
Brandon Guyer - CF Eric Sogard - SS
Rene Rivera - C Sam Fuld - LF
Jake Odorizzi - RHP Kendall Graveman - RHP