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Game #115: Horrible second sinks A's for second straight night

For the second straight night, the A's lost the game in the bottom of the second as the high powered Blue Jays put up a 7 spot on their way to a 10-3 win.

Please eject me.
Please eject me.
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First, I'd like to say I don't typically believe in curses. The supernatural has never done much for me, and I don't think ghosts or witchcraft or anything like that exists. But I do now: the A's are clearly cursed by a former infielder who now plays for the Blue Jays.

Losses aren't a new story for your 2015 A's. With many of the trades going into the year, it looked like 2016 would be the time to shine. The horrendous start to 2015 cemented this, so each game, we look for something to get excited for in coming years.

This game had almost nothing.

Aaron Brooks got the nod for the A's, and from the start it was clear he had his absolute worst stuff. Before you get worried about his prospects for the future, know that tonight was at somewhat of a fluke. The normally accurate Brooks struggled to throw strikes, throwing a mere 28 of his 58 pitches in the zone. His 2 walks brought his season total up to 3, and when he did throw strikes, they were up in the zone for the Jays to crush.

Brooks started off the game with a walk to Troy Tulowitzki. Free passes to the best lineup in baseball aren't the best idea. Old friend Josh Donaldson lined a single up the middle before Jose Bautista mercifully struck out. Chris Colabello wasn't so kind, blasting a 2-0 fastball, up in the zone, out to deep left center. Like that, it was 3-0.

The A's actually showed life in the second off of R.A. Dickey. R.A. Dickey looks like the kinda guy who cuts you in line at a 7-11. He is also a mediocre pitcher, and the anemic A's capitalized, slightly. MVP Danny Valencia homered on a knuckless ball to open the second in the middle of yet another fantastic game for the A's newest player. The A's tacked on another run thanks to a Butler single, a Canha ground rule double, and a Sogard groundout, which miraculously scored Butler from third.

The bottom of the second was even worse for Brooks. After a line out to start the frame, Brooks spiraled out of control, allowing a walk, a double, a hit by pitch, a ground ball, and a single before being pulled. Brooks actually got a second out during this offensive barrage, on a fantastic play by leftfielder Sam Fuld, throwing out Troy Tulowitzki at the dish. Aaron Brooks final line reads 1.2 IP, 6 hits, 8 earned runs, 2 walks and 2 strikeouts, leaving with the score at 6-2.

Felix Doubront relieved Brooks, promptly allowing a single and a homerun to the Jays, extending the lead to 10-2. From there, Doubront was fantastic, saving the pen for tomorrow's game and saving our eyes from the pen. He went the final 6 and 1/3 innings while allowing no more damage after the 2nd. His 0 strikeouts will tell you he was far from dominant, which is unsurprising for a bad pitcher. Still, his willingness to stick with it and save the already shambled pen is huge, preventing a loss from turning into a multi-day ordeal. At one point, he retired 12 straight Jays, who were presumably tired of scoring. The work is appreciated.

The other highlight of the day was Mark Canha, who went a 3-4 while crushing the ball all day. Even his out was loud. With two doubles, a hard single, and an absolute bomb just foul, Canha made a bid for more playing time that Bob Melvin is sure to ignore. Enjoy your extended audition, 34 year old Sam Fuld. Canha was behind the A's third and final run in the fourth, when his double plated Danny Valencia. Was there really any question who he scored?

Anyway, this game is too painful to write about. Enjoy some cute animals with some poor metaphors to A's baseball.

Daw, look at that two ton beast! I bet he doesn't ground into double plays!

He looks as confused as Sam Fuld at the plate! Adorable.

Make you feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Your 2015 A's season in GIF format.

See you bright and early for some Sonny morning baseball tomorrow, as the A's try to avoid the sweep behind their ace.