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UPDATED: Athletics Nation Tailgate Party August 22!

Saturday, August 22nd, 2pm till game time in the O.Co parking lot!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a quick update on the tailgate party.

Looks like pretty much all the Bay Area-based front page crew is coming. Me, Nico, Torrey's Tacos, Jeremy Koo, Alex Hall, Spencer Silva, praunlinde and more. A number of our esteemed commenters have also confirmed they'll be there, families in it's definitely a go.

Date: Saturday, August 22nd

Tailgate Location will be the B Lot (South Side), near the RV parking, not too far from the BART ramp.

We'll start setting up at 2 pm and go till game time (6 pm)

Please feel free to stop by for any part of it and hang out. And of course you can bring friends and family. Because we're expecting a lot of people, we suggest bringing your own chairs, tables, etc. I'll try to bring a couple folding tables.

Food and drinks are potluck style so feel free to bring whatever you want. I noticed someone said they are bringing a grill, so potentially you can bring stuff to grill (although for a party that size a couple of grills might be good). If you are bringing things like a table, chairs, etc., it would be good to note it in the comments. Either way there is no pressure to bring anything, just show up and have a good time.

I wanted to ask, would people be interested in an Athletics Nation t-shirt? We could design one and post it on Teespring, and it would be shipped to your house. I think the site logo can be on the front but what slogan should be on the back?

So many good choices, I'll leave it up to readers and then we can make a design. I don't think it'll be ready in time for the tailgate but we can set up an order at some point.

Remember - please buy your own tickets for the game.