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Game Thread #87: Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees (2)

Things were going well for the A's. A second-inning rally had given the A's a two run lead. Kazmir was breezing through the Yankees' lineup, having only thrown one mistake pitch, giving up an unearned run on a Didi Gregorius double. Then, after the third inning, Evan Scribner replaced Scott Kazmir, who has been diagnosed with left tricep tightness. Good ol' Scribbles gave up a game-tying home run to the first batter he faced, Mark Teixeira, and the wheels simply came off from there.

Scribner gave up a walk, hit, stolen base, wild pitch, and then a go-ahead sac fly to Jose Pirela, giving the Yankees a 3-2 lead. However, it's still only the fourth inning, and CC Sabathia hasn't been good tonight. The A's still have a chance! Let's score some runs!