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Reactions to the Oakland A's trading Scott Kazmir to the Houston Astros

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Here's a quick look at the early reactions around baseball to the Oakland Athletics trading Scott Kazmir to the Houston Astros for minor league catcher Jacob Nottingham and minor league pitcher Daniel Mengden.

Early hot takes

Microwave Hot Take: The Oakland-Houston Scott Kazmir Trade Is Great for Everyone (Michael Baumann, Grantland)

From Oakland GM Billy Beane's perspective, the A's off-loaded a free-agent-to-be and got two interesting prospects back. With Kazmir set to leave this offseason and the A's 11 games out of first place, his value to them was pretty much zero. That the A's are underperforming their third-order record by 11 games isn't that comforting when there isn't enough time to regress all the way back to the mean.

A’s, Astros Open Market with Scott Kazmir Trade | FanGraphs Baseball (Jeff Sullivan, FanGraphs)

What once looked like an extreme seller's market has become more buyer-friendly, so that worked to Oakland's disadvantage, but it also helped them some to strike first. Now everyone else gets a chance to respond. Now a fair value has been set. Now a dozen teams can call on Ben Zobrist, understanding better than ever that he is, indeed, available, and going to go somewhere in the next week and a half.

Breaking Down the Prospects in the Scott Kazmir Trade | FanGraphs Baseball (Kiley McDaniel, FanGraphs)

Both players were among the group of six given 35+ FV grades, so they were both in the 23-28 range in Houston's system entering the year. I don't have inside info on how the negotiations went down, but I'm guessing Kazmir was long a target for Houston (as they took a run at him this offseason) and Oakland was holding out for a top 10 prospect in the Astros organization. Based on the preseason rankings, this will look like a light return, but given Nottingham's breakout season, they did indeed land a guy who would have ranked in the Astros top 10 if the list was re-done today.

A's-Astros trade fills needs on both sides (Jim Callis,

The Scott Kazmir trade made perfect sense for both clubs. The contending Astros got a veteran starting pitcher, while the Athletics netted two prospects -- catcher Jacob Nottingham and right-hander Daniel Mengden -- for the future. Kazmir returns to his hometown to give Houston a serious rotation upgrade. Assuming the Astros hold on to their current playoff position, they could trot out All-Star Game starter Dallas Keuchel, Kazmir and rookie sensation Lance McCullers in their first three postseason games.


Oakland A's are disgusting (Lowell Cohn, Santa Rosa Press Democrat)

Merely flaming take

Killion: My, what different directions the Giants and A’s are going (Ann Killion, San Francisco Chronicle)

The Giants lead the league in first-half jersey sales, with three of the top six sellers belonging to San Francisco players (Madison Bumgarner, Buster Posey and Hunter Pence). There's a reason for that. Giants fans know that they can invest in their players, that they will stick around long enough for the new-jersey smell to wear off.

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