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MLB Draft 2015: Oakland A's select shortstop Mikey White in second round with No. 63 pick

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Athletics selected shortstop Mikey White with the No. 63 pick in the second round of the 2015 MLB Draft on Monday. White is a shortstop from the University of Alabama.

2013 Alabama 266 34 2 3 0.287 0.365 0.370 0.735
2013 Cape Cod 38 2 0 0 0.250 0.680 0.312 0.992
2014 Alabama 286 50 7 3 0.300 0.399 0.443 0.842
2014 Cape Cod 98 14 3 1 0.310 0.548 0.483 1.031
2015 Alabama 268 48 4 8 0.339 0.444 0.537 0.981

By selecting White, the A's have now picked two of the SEC's so-called "big four" shortstops. Dansby Swanson and Alex Bregman were the first two picks of the draft, of course, but Martin and White were thrown in with them nonetheless in this article from Baseball America this spring: "In Middle of the Diamond You'll Find Four Stars."

The article cites a quote from a scout who calls White a "a future utility player or a starting second baseman on a middling big league team," he continues, "in the mold of Mark Ellis—a valuable player but not an all-star." We know plenty about Mark Ellis, and the good news is he was a starting second baseman on some damn strong teams.

Most of the literature on White suggests his tools are mostly "fringe-average" (between 45 and 50 on scouts 20-80 grading scale.) However, as BA mentions in its pre-draft capsule:

Scouts look at White as more than the sum of his parts, thanks to his incredible makeup, work ethic and understanding of the game.

The consensus seems to be that a move to second base is inevitable, thanks to his lackluster arm strength. The good news, however, is he's mechanically sound in the field with good hands; he should be above average defensively at the keystone. He may not have an all-star level ceiling, but it sounds like there's an excellent chance he'll have a big-league career.

Here's a video of him taking some hacks.

And here's some slick defense!