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Oakland A's switch-pitcher Pat Venditte's 2015 minor league splits has him as a better lefty

The Athletics dual-sidearmer is a natural right-hander, but he's been better statistically as a left-hander this year

Pat Venditte, throwing left-handed for the Oakland Athletics.
Pat Venditte, throwing left-handed for the Oakland Athletics.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Athletics reliever Pat Venditte is a natural right-hander who throws a mid-80s fastball from both sides, along with a slider and occasional changeup, writes Howard Megdal in a 2014 profile of Venditte for Sports On Earth. Before missing most of the 2013 season with labrum surgery on his right shoulder, however, his right-handed fastball hit 94, says John Nalbone for the Times of Trenton (NJ).

The only website I know of that separates pitchers splits into both batter's handedness and pitcher's handedness is Minor League Central, which is important because Venditte does pitch at a platoon disadvantage whenever he faces a switch-hitter. For 2015, Venditte is pitching slightly better on his non-natural side, as a lefty:

Pat Venditte 2015 minor league splits
w/platoon advantage BF IP H HR BB K HBP FIP
v. L as LHP 40 12.0 4 0 1 12 0 1.45
v. R as RHP 63 14.0 12 1 8 14 1 4.06
vs. switch-hitters BF IP H HR BB K HBP FIP
v. L as RHP 8 2.0 0 0 2 2 0 4.2
v. R as LHP 20 5.0 3 0 2 5 0 4.06

Unfortunately, before this year, it appears that minor league baseball did not keep careful track of when Venditte switched hands. Just eyeballing his year-by-year splits, however, he tends to strike out more left-handed batters. Here he is retiring San Francisco Giants right-handed batter Justin Maxwell on a ground ball and striking out left-handed batter Brandon Belt:

Happy Venditte Day.