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Game #76: Nothing Good for the A's Tonight in Loss to Royals

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Well, on a night that your starting pitcher is off, your offense gets but four hits, your defense is shaky at best, and Eric Sogard recorded an 0-4 out of the lead-off spot, I think it's safe to assume that you won't win the game. And they didn't. And all in all, it would have been a nice, boring loss had the Royals not hit Stephen Vogt in the ninth inning, up four runs.

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Ho hum. Welcome to a boring Friday night baseball game. UNTIL THE NINTH INNING WHEN THE ROYALS TRIED TO BREAK STEPHEN VOGT! Obviously the only thing we care about tonight is if Stephen Vogt is okay, and if he is, we'll live to play another day.

At least this one was lost from the very beginning, so there's nothing to really be upset about. The A's were out-pitched, out-hit, out-defended and generally out-played by the Royals for all nine innings tonight, and they were never winning this game. A lot went wrong for the A's in this one; it was truly a team loss. Yes, I understand that Eric Sogard has been better this season than I give him credit; he would still never be my lead-off hitter. Ike Davis, who is billed as a defender, committed the two-run error to put the game out of reach after Stephen Vogt allowed a passed ball to put the runners in scoring position, Jesse Hahn allowed nine hits in his six innings, and Billy Butler looked like he's never seen a baseball before. Josh Reddick and Ike Davis had one single each, Sam Fuld had a double for the A's first run, and after Vogt was hit, Ben Zobrist doubled his runner, Phegley, in for the second and final run.

If you're looking for a silver lining, the bullpen combination of Scribner, O'Flaherty and Rodriguez was just great; they didn't allow a single run in their four innings. It's just too bad the rest of the team stayed back in Texas.

The Royals took the lead in the second inning on a home run by Kendrys Morales and added a run on a ground-ball single in the third. With runners at first and second, a passed ball by Vogt set them both up in scoring position and a miffed play and an error on the throw by Davis scored both to put the A's in a 4-0 hole.

Two of the A's four hits were in the same inning, so they were able to get a run on the board in the third inning, but the A's wouldn't get a runner past second base after that until one out in the ninth inning. Vogt was hit on the hand and immediately left the game. We'll update as we know more.

Do I think the Royals hit him on purpose? Does it matter? If Vogt is hurt, it's a huge, probably irrecoverable loss for the A's this season. Up four runs, no one on base, A's best hitter? You can see where you could make a case. I'd like to give the Royals the benefit of the doubt despite their players and their fans' shabby treatment of the A's and our fans. I personally don't think it was intentional and I have no desire to rekindle a flamethrowing war tomorrow. I just hope Vogt is okay.

The A's couldn't hit Edinson Volquez tonight; bottom line; they likely weren't going to win this game even if everything else went right. They're going to have to regroup tomorrow afternoon behind Scott Kazmir and get back in the win column. We'll see you back here with the update on Vogt and tomorrow's game. Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

Update (deep breath)