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MLB Draft 2015: Oakland A's sign Skye Bolt over slot, 9 of top 10 picks signed

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The Athletics appear to be well on their way to wrapping up their top 10 draft pick signings, and have room to sign Richie Martin on a slot deal.

Skye Bolt at the 2013 College World Series.
Skye Bolt at the 2013 College World Series.
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Athletics have agreed to terms with fourth round MLB draft selection and 80-grade name Skye Bolt, a center fielder from the University of North Carolina, for $650,000, tweeted's Jim Callis on Tuesday. The deal is $214,700 over his draft slot bonus allotment of $435,300. With third round selection Dakota Chalmers, the A's have paid two players $827,800 over their slot value. The A's have saved significant money, however, by giving the three seniors selected in the first ten rounds deals well under their slot allotment, according to's draft bonus tracker:

Rd Ovr Player School Pos B/T Class Bonus Bonus Pool Over/(Under)
1 20 Martin, Richie Florida (FL) SS R/R JR Still in CWS $2,214,000
2 63 White, Mikey Alabama (AL) SS R/R JR $900,000 $979,600 ($79,600)
3 97 Chalmers, Dakota North Forsyth HS (GA) RHP R/R HS $1,200,000 $586,900 $613,100
4 128 Bolt, Skye North Carolina (NC) CF S/R JR $650,000 $435,300 $214,700
5 158 Duchene, Kevin University of Illinois (IL) LHP L/L JR $300,000 $325,900 ($25,900)
6 188 Derby, Bowdien San Diego State (CA) RHP L/R JR $200,000 $244,000 ($44,000)
7 218 Friedrichs, Kyle Cal State - Long Beach (CA) RHP R/R 5S $25,000 $183,000 ($158,000)
8 248 Collins, Nick Georgetown (DC) C L/R JR $140,000 $168,400 ($28,400)
9 278 Lyons, Jared Liberty University (VA) LHP L/L SR $5,000 $157,300 ($152,300)
10 308 Pallares, Steven San Diego State (CA) CF R/R SR $5,000 $149,700 ($144,700)
TOTAL $3,425,000 $5,444,100 $194,900
105% $5,716,305
105% Spare $2,291,305

So long as the A's sign first round pick Richie Martin to a deal less than $2,291,305 ($77,305 over slot), the A's will not lose any future draft picks and will pay only a minor penalty. The club can go 5% over their allotted $5,444,100 while suffering only a 75% penalty on the overage paid to MLB, and no future draft pick penalties.

The A's must believe themselves assured of signing Richie Martin within the pool constraints. Their reported $3,425,000 of spending is currently 6.0% over the $3,230,100 of pool allotments, which would subject them to losing their first round draft pick in 2016.

Any announcement on an agreement with Martin will probably wait until after his team, the University of Florida, is out of the College World Series. Florida plays Miami (Fla.) in an elimination game tonight at 5:00 PM Pacific Time on ESPN, and would then have to beat Virginia twice to advance to the best-of-three championship series.