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Game Thead #67: Oakland Athletics at San Diego Padres (2)

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We're going to the seventh inning, and man, has this game been weird. The Padres jumped out to an early 2-0, long before the A's ever saw their first hit. With the first hit by Muncy (a double), and two outs and Fuld at the plate (to be followed by Kazmir), Fuld walked, and against all odds, Kazmir singled in the A's first run. Not to be outdone, Burns doubled in the tying and go-ahead runs, giving the A's a brief 3-2 lead, but an error by Kazmir, a stolen base and a balk; talk about the runner getting into your head, tied the game at 3. Luckily Ben Zobrist untied it with one swing of the bat and gave the A's a 5-3 lead. Kazmir wasn't around for the second shut-down inning try (he departed after the fifth), but Rodriguez handled the 1, 2, 3 inning nicely. LET'S GO OAK-LAND!