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Week 11 Fantasy Baseball Report

Everything you need to win your week 11 Fantasy Baseball matchup is probably in here somewhere

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Week eleven of the Fantasy Baseball season begins on Monday June 15th 2015. Everything you need to know to help you win your weekly matchup should be in this weekly report.

Interleague Matchups for Week 11

Every MLB has interleague play in week 11. Be sure to check DH possibilities all week long as each team plays two games at home and two away. Below is the complete schedule.

Arizona Diamondbacks versus Los Angeles Angels (2 games at Los Angeles, Monday-Tuesday; 2 games at Arizona, Wednesday-Thursday)

Atlanta Braves versus Boston Red Sox (2 games at Boston, Monday-Tuesday; 2 games at Atlanta, Wednesday-Thursday)

Baltimore Orioles versus Philadelphia Phillies (2 games at Baltimore, Monday-Tuesday; 2 games at Philadelphia, Wednesday-Thursday)

Chicago Cubs versus Cleveland Indians (2 games at Chicago, Monday-Tuesday; 2 games at Cleveland, Wednesday-Thursday)

Chicago White Sox versus Pittsburgh Pirates (2 games at Pittsburgh, Monday-Tuesday; 2 games at Chicago, Wednesday-Thursday)

Cincinnati Reds versus Detroit Tigers (2 games at Detroit, Monday-Tuesday; 2 games at Cincinnati, Wednesday-Thursday)

Colorado Rockies versus Houston Astros (2 games at Houston, Monday-Tuesday; 2 games at Colorado, Wednesday-Thursday)

Kansas City Royals versus Milwaukee Brewers (2 games at Milwaukee, Monday-Tuesday; 2 games at Kansas City, Wednesday-Thursday)

Los Angeles Dodgers versus Texas Rangers (2 games at Texas, Monday-Tuesday; 2 games at Los Angeles, Wednesday-Thursday)

Miami Marlins versus New York Yankees (2 games at Miami, Monday-Tuesday; 2 games at New York, Wednesday-Thursday)

Minnesota Twins versus St. Louis Cardinals (2 games at St. Louis, Monday-Tuesday; 2 games at Minnesota, Wednesday-Thursday)

New York Mets versus Toronto Blue Jays (2 games at New York, Monday-Tuesday; 2 games at Toronto, Wednesday-Thursday)

Oakland Athletics versus San Diego Padres (2 games at San Diego, Monday-Tuesday; 2 games at Oakland, Wednesday-Thursday)

San Francisco Giants versus Seattle Mariners (2 games at San Francisco, Monday-Tuesday; 2 games at Seattle, Wednesday-Thursday)

Tampa Bay Rays versus Washington Nationals (2 games at Tampa Bay, Monday-Tuesday; 2 games at Washington, Wednesday-Thursday)

Cubs at Twins (3 games, Friday-Sunday)

Two Start Pitchers for Week 11

Below are the PROBABLE scheduled starters for week eleven. Please check the daily lineups as things can change.

Matt Harvey (Mon-Sat), Dallas Keuchel (Mon-Sat), Michael Wacha (Mon-Sat), Jake Arrieta (Mon-Sat), Garrett Richards (Tue-Sun), Julio Teheran (Tue-Sun), Scott Kazmir (Tue-Sun), Trevor Bauer (Mon-Sat), Tyson Ross (Mon-Sun), Anibal Sanchez (Mon-Sat), Aaron Harang (Mon-Sat), Francisco Liriano (Mon-Sat), Jose Quintana (Tue-Sun), Gio Gonzalez (Mon-Sat), Jered Weaver (Mon-Sat), Carlos Martinez (Tue-Sun), Rick Porcello (Mon-Sat), Andrew Cashner (Tue-Sun), Tim Lincecum (Tue-Sun), J.A. Happ (Tue-Sun), Edinson Volquez (Tue-Sun), Wei-Yin Chen (Mon-Sat), Shane Green (Tue-Sun), Yovani Gallardo (Mon-Sat), Carlos Frias (Mon-Sat), Jonathon Niese (Tue-Sun), Carlos Rodon (Mon-Sat), Nathan Eovaldi (Tue-Sun), Taijuan Walker (Mon-Sat), Chris Young (Mon-Sat), David Phelps (Tue-Sun), Kyle Lohse (Mon-Sat), Brett Anderson (Tue-Sun), Chris Tillman (Tue-Sun), Aaron Sanchez (Tue-Sun), Mark Buehrle (Mon-Sat), Kyle Gibson (Tue-Sun), Jesse Hahn (Mon-Sat), Tim Hudson (Mon-Sat), Wade Miley (Tue-Sun), Matt Garza (Tue-Sun), Alex Colome (Tue-Sun), Tsuyoshi Wada (Tue-Sun), Tanner Roark (Tue-Sun), Jeremy Hellickson (Tue-Sun), Masihiro Tanaka (Mon-Sat), Jerome Williams (Tue-Sun), Tom Koehler (Mon-Sat), Trevor May (Mon-Sat), Williams Perez (Mon-Sat), Michael Lorenzen (Tue-Sun), Shaun Marcum (Tue-Sun), Erasmo Ramirez (Mon-Sat), Chad Bettis (Mon-Sat), Chi Chi Gonzalez (Tue-Sat), Jon Moscot (Mon-Sat), Robbie Ray (Mon-Sat), Robbie Ray (Mon-Sat), Charlie Morton (Tue-Sun), Chris Rusin (Tue-Sun) and Vincent Velasquez (Tue-Sun).

Week 11 Bullpen Report

Below are some closers who might be available on your waiver wire this week.

Dellin Betances of the Yankees is currently saving games in place of the injured Andrew Miller. Betances is owned in 82 percent of Major Fantasy Baseball leagues. He might be available on the waiver wire and if he is grab him and his 0.28 ERA, 0.77 WHIP and 54 strikeouts in 32.1 innings pitched.

John Axford is still saving games for the Rockies. Over the last 2 weeks he's posted an ERA of 0.00, WHIP of 0.83 with 5 strikeouts and 1 walk in 6 innings pitched. He's also recorded 3 saves and is currently owned in 59 percent of all Major Fantasy Baseball leagues.

Brad Ziegler is still closing games for the Diamondbacks. Over the past 2 weeks Ziegler has a 5.40 ERA, 1.60 WHIP with 0 strikeouts and 2 walks in 5 innings pitched. During that same 14 day period Ziegler has 4 saves and 1 blown save (May 27th) but he is available in over 60 percent of all Major Fantasy Baseball leagues.

Kevin Jepsen of the Rays is closing games for the injured Brad Boxberger. Over the past 14 days Jepsen has posted a 6.00 ERA, 2.00 WHIP with 6 strikeouts and 3 walks over 6 innings pitched. He's also picked up three saves and a hold during this same 6 inning span that does include a blown save (June 11th). He's owned in just 14 percent of Major Fantasy Baseball leagues and is the man until Boxberger returns (Tuesday?).

Starting Pitching Waiver Wire Options for Week 11

Vincent Valasquez of the Houston Astros has a Tuesday home start against the Rockies and a Sunday road start against the Mariners. The Rockies have a wRC+ of 89 and wOBA of .304 and a 21 percent strikeout rate on the road. The Mariners have a wRC+ of 72 and wOBA of .276 with a 24 percent strikeout rate. Velasquez averages 9 strikeouts per nine innings with a 3.60 FIP. This could be a good two start option for you this week.

Taijuan Walker of the Seattle Mariners has a Monday road start against the Giants and a Saturday home start against the Astros. The Giants have a wRC+ of 112 and a wOBA of .321 with a 21 percent strikeouts rate at home. The Astros have a wRC+ of 79, wOBA of .288 and a road strikeout rate at 20 percent. Over Walkers last 3 starts he's posted a 1.64 ERA, 0.82 WHIP with 21 strikeouts, 3 walks and 2 bombs in 22 innings pitched. Both of these matchups could bring double digit strikeouts for Walker this week.

Carlos Rodon of the Chicago White Sox has a Monday road start against Pittsburgh and a Saturday home start against Texas. Pittsburgh has a wRC+ of 109, wOBA of .324 and have a home 21 percent strikeout rate against lefties. The Rangers have a wRC+ of 115, .340 wOBA and strikeout 18 percent of the time on the road against lefties. Over his past 3 starts Rodon has posted a 0.90 ERA, 1.20 WHIP with 19 strikeouts and 5 walks over 18.3 innings pitched. Rodon is on a roll and is also a good two start option this week.

Jaime Garcia of the St Louis Cardinals has a Wednesday road start against the Twins. The Twins have a wRC+ of 104 and a .323 wOBA with a 20 percent strikeout rate at home. Over the past 2 starts Garcia has an ERA of 1.93, 0.64 WHIP with 10 strikeouts and 0 walks over 14 innings pitched. Garcia should have a good night against the Twins on Wednesday.

Mike Montgomery of the Seattle Mariners has a Thursday home start against the Giants. The Giants have a road wRC+ of 93 and a wOBA of .310 to go along with a 21 percent strikeout rate. Over his last 2 starts Montgomery has posted an ERA of 2.08, WHIP of 0.92 with 7 strikeouts and 3 walks including 1 bomb in 13 innings pitched. I like Montgomery's chances on Thursday.

Starting Pitching Streaming Options Monday-Wednesday

Monday: Chad Bettis and the Colorado Rockies take to the road to face the Houston Astros on Monday. The Astros at home have a wRC+ of 105, wOBA of .322 with a 25 percent strikeout rate against righties at home. Over his last 3 games Bettis has posted an ERA of 1.89, 0.95 WHIP with 18 strikeouts and 5 walks in 19 innings pitched. Look or a pile of Astros striking out against Bettis on Monday.

Tuesday: Charlie Morton and the Pittsburgh Pirates play host to the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday.  The White Sox on the road have a wRC+ of 98 and a .315 wOBA to go along with a 22 percent strikeout rate. Over Morton's last three starts he's posted a 1.86 ERA, 1.03 WHIP with 9 strikeouts and 7 walks in 19 innings pitched. He's also 3-0 during those starts and I think he'll pick up another win on Tuesday.

Wednesday: Mike Fiers and the Milwaukee Brewers are on the road Wednesday against the Kansas City Royals. The Royals at home have a wRC+ of 85, a wOBA of .301 and strikeout 14 percent of the time at home. Over the past 3 starts Fiers has posted an ERA of 2.60, 1.38 WHIP with 17 strikeouts, 8 walks and two bombs over 17 .3 innings pitched. This could be a very good night for strikeouts and possibly a win against the Royals.

Position Player Waiver Wire Options for Week 11

Yan Gomes C Cleveland Indians: Over the past 14 days Gomes has slashed a line of .250/.260/.396/.656 with 2 bombs, 2 RBI and 3 runs scored. His season long wOBA of .243 and wRC+ of 54 have more to do with being injured than it does anything else. Good fly ball ground ball splits of 34% GB and 40% FB.

Adam Lind 1B Milwaukee Brewers: Over the past 14 days Lind has slashed .400/.426/.600/1.026 with 2 bombs, 14 RBI and 5 runs scored. Season long .371 wOBA and wRC+ of 133 and .207 ISO plus a BABIP of .326 makes me wonder why he's owned in less than 50 percent of Major Fantasy Baseball leagues.

Delino DeShields 2B OF Texas Rangers: Over the past 14 days DeShields has slashed a .255/.305/.364/.669 line with 1 RBI, 8 runs scored and 1 stolen base. wOBA of .319, wRC+ of 100 and a great .354 BABIP are all good things to see from the Rangers daily leadoff hitter and duel eligible .

Yunel Escobar 3B SS Washington Nationals: Over the past 14 days Escobar has slashed a .333/.381/.385/.766 line with 1 RBI and 3 runs scored. wOBA of .339, wRC+ of 113 to go along with a .363 BABIP and 85 percent contact rate plus being duel eligible? What are you waiting for?

Jace Peterson SS 2B Atlanta Braves: Need a middle infielder? Peterson might be the one! Over the past 14 days Peterson has slashed a .353/.431/.510/.941 line with 6 RBI, 8 runs scored and 1 stolen base. Good .335 BABIP and his .316 wOBA and 99 wRC+ is pretty strong as well.

Avisail Garcia OF Chicago White Sox: Over the past 14 days Garcia has slashed a line of .190/.320/.405/.725 with 3 bombs, 7 RBI and 6 runs scored. Good .368 BABIP, good .148 ISO, .352 wOBA and good wRC+ of 125. If you can handle the low average and the 23 percent strikeout rate Garcia is your guy.

Joey Butler OF Tampa Bay Rays: Over the past 14 days Butler has slashed a .375/.386/.571/.957 line with 2 bombs, 9 RBI 6 runs scored and 3 stolen bases. Excellent .397 wOBA, 158 wRC+ and amazing .458 BABIP. Butler bats anywhere from 2nd to 5th in the Rays lineup. Grab him now or watch him beat you later.

Oakland A's to Watch in Week Eleven

Billy Burns OF: Over the past 14 days Burns has slashed a .339/.364/.468/.832 line with 1 bomb, 7 RBI, 10 runs scored and 4 stolen bases. Very good .362 BABIP, lousy .104 ISO as well as a wOBA of 339 and wRC+ of 122. Burns is owned in 66 percent of all Major Fantasy Baseball leagues and is worth owning this week in any Fantasy Baseball league format.

Brett Lawrie 2B 3B: Over the past 14 days Lawrie has a slash line of .306/.346/.612/.958 with 4 bombs, 9 RBI and 8 runs scored. Very good .368 BABIP to go along with a not so good ISO of .130. Average wOBA of .311 and average wRC+ of 102. Lawrie is owned in just 30 percent of all Major Fantasy Baseball leagues and his duel eligibility to go along with his increasing numbers makes him a viable option this week for leagues of 12 teams or more.

Good luck this week Fantasy Baseball Owner!