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MLB Draft 2015: Oakland A's sign Mikey White, Dakota Chalmers, 27 of 40 selections

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The Athletics have reached agreements with eight of their first 10 selections.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Oakland Athletics have announced they have reached terms with 27 of the 40 players selected in the 2015 Amateur Draft, including second rounder Mikey White from the University of Alabama, and prep pitcher Dakota Chalmers of North Forsyth High School in Georgia. Eight of the players selected in the first 10 rounds have officially reached agreements.

So far, the Athletics have announced agreements with:

  • 1 of 5 high school players
  • 0 of 1 college sophomores
  • 12 of 21 college juniors
  • 13 of 13 college seniors and 5th years

Chalmers, Oakland's first high school selection in this draft, is an impressive signing for the Athletics. The Gainesville, Georgia resident had a commitment to the University of Georgia, and his father said his "initial projections fell anywhere between the 30th and 63rd overall pick," his father told the Forsyth County News. Chalmers is still being paid like a draftee between 30 and 63, however:

Oakland's first round selection, shortstop Richie Martin, is playing in the College World Series for the University of Florida, and signing announcements usually wait for the conclusion of the player's college season. Florida is on its way to winning its opening game, leading Miami (FL) 14-3 in the bottom of the seventh inning in Omaha.

Rd Ovr Player School Pos B/T Class Signed (Bonus) Bonus Pool
1 20 Martin, Richie Florida (FL) SS R/R JR $2,214,000
2 63 White, Mikey Alabama (AL) SS R/R JR Signed $979,600
3 97 Chalmers, Dakota North Forsyth HS (GA) RHP R/R HS Signed ($1,200,000) $586,900
4 128 Bolt, Skye North Carolina (NC) CF S/R JR $435,300
5 158 Duchene, Kevin University of Illinois (IL) LHP L/L JR Signed $325,900
6 188 Derby, Bowdien San Diego State (CA) RHP L/R JR Signed ($244,000) $244,000
7 218 Friedrichs, Kyle Cal State - Long Beach (CA) RHP R/R 5S Signed $183,000
8 248 Collins, Nick Georgetown (DC) C L/R JR Signed $168,400
9 278 Lyons, Jared Liberty University (VA) LHP L/L SR Signed $157,300
10 308 Pallares, Steven San Diego State (CA) CF R/R SR Signed $149,700
11 338 Terrell, James St. Patrick - St. Vincent HS (CA) OF R/R HS
12 368 Iriart, Chris Houston (TX) 1B R/R JR Signed
13 398 Siddall, Brett Canisius College (NY) RF L/L JR Signed
14 428 Biegalski, Boomer Florida State (FL) RHP R/R SO
15 458 Howell, Ryan Nevada (NV) 2B R/R JR Signed
16 488 Hurlbutt, Dustin Tabor College (KS) RHP R/R JR Signed
17 518 Wheatley, Brent USC (CA) RHP R/R JR
18 548 Sunde, Brett Western Michigan (MI) C R/R JR Signed
19 578 Brown, Seth Lewis-Clark State (ID) 1B L/L SR Signed
20 608 Naile, James Alabama - Birmingham (AL) RHP R/R JR Signed
21 638 Tomasovich, Andrew Charleston Southern (SC) LHP L/L JR Signed
22 668 Bramlett, Brady Ole Miss (MS) RHP R/R JR
23 698 Senior, Eric York Mills Collegiate Institute (ON) OF R/R HS
24 728 Bowers, Heath Campbell University (NC) RHP R/R SR Signed
25 758 Manarino, Evan University of California - Irvine (CA) LHP L/L SR Signed
26 788 Devencenzi, Jordan Nevada (NV) C R/R SR Signed
27 818 Altamirano, Xavier Oral Roberts (OK) RHP R/R JR
28 848 Berube, Marc Pittsburgh (PA) RHP L/R JR Signed
29 878 Ruiz, Armando Alabama State University (AL) RHP R/R SR Signed
30 908 Butler, Brendan Dowling College (NY) RHP L/R SR Signed
31 938 Gorman, John Boston College (MA) RHP R/R SR Signed
32 968 Murray, Michael Florida Gulf Coast University (FL) RHP R/R JR Signed
33 998 Martin, Mike Harvard (MA) CF R/R SR Signed
34 1028 Conlon, Shane Kansas State (KS) 1B L/L 5S Signed
35 1058 Proudfoot, Tim Texas Tech (TX) SS R/R SR Signed
36 1088 Rallings, Troy Washington (WA) RHP R/R JR
37 1118 Cox, Andy Tennessee (TN) LHP R/L JR
38 1148 Cullen, Chris West Forsyth HS (GA) C R/R HS
39 1178 Fettes, Gregory Kentucky (KY) C R/R JR
40 1208 Maton, Nick Glenwood HS (IL) SS L/R HS