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Jose Canseco playing with Sonoma Stompers this weekend

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Lightning rod slugger -- yes, he's still playing -- Jose Canseco was flown in from Vegas to play a weekend series with the Sonoma Stompers.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

I'm in the press box at Arnold Field, the home of the Sonoma Stompers, and write this post between loud, violent thuds emanating from the bat of 50-year-old former Athletic Jose Canseco. Canseco is large as ever, and the majestic bombs he's hitting are equally large, carrying well into the trees beyond the left field bleachers.

The former major leaguer and author of bestselling books "Juiced" and "Vindicated" was flown in Thursday night from Las Vegas to participate in the Pacific Association's version of #FerrellTakesTheField. It's not confirmed, especially given the intemperate weather, but he may attempt to play every position during either Friday or Saturday night's game against the San Rafael Pacifics.

Before Saturday night's game, around 5 PM, there will also be a Home Run Derby. After his batting practice session Friday, he was in good spirits. I asked him how he thought he was going to do in the home run derby, and, true to form, he said plainly, "If we have good balls, I'll put some over the lights."

He's a man on a mission to rebuild his image, but in the meantime he'll continue to travel around the country participating in these types of spectacles. Jose says he's "addicted" to baseball, and plans to keep on playing until he's no longer physically able.

Friday and Saturday night's games start at 6:05. The Home Run Derby is slated for 5 PM on Saturday. Bleacher tickets are $4 and grandstand tickets $11. It's shaping up to be a one-of-a-kind experience if you're in the area.