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Oakland A's pitcher Jarrod Parker has elbow fracture, surgery needed

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Athletics starting pitcher Jarrod Parker was diagnosed with a fractured medial epicondyle, A's head trainer Nick Paparesta informed beat reporters after Saturday's contest against the Seattle Mariners.

Parker exited his Friday rehabilitation start with the Nashville Sounds after he fell to the ground in apparent excruciating pain. Parker will spend time with his family and consult specialists before undergoing surgery to treat the broken elbow. You probably know the medial epicondyle (initially called the "epichondral" by Nick Paparesta, based on beat reporter tweets) as the part of the humerus where, if struck, causes the tingling sensation in the ulnar nerve that gives rise to the phrase "hit your funny bone." You can imagine the pain when the epicondyle is broken.'s Jane Lee tweets that surgeons will not know if Parker's Tommy John graft is still intact until they open up his arm to repair the elbow fracture.